Impact Of Use Of Social Media On Achievement Of Student's Grade

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Using Community School Prayer to Create a Calm and Positive Feeling in High School Students
Magazine article By Jasmine, Joanne; Kim, Young-Joon
Momentum , Vol. 42, No. 1
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School prayer is important if it doesn't become routine and it contains personal elements
Practicing prayer is important to continue religious traditions (Mountain, 2004). School prayer can help students begin a day within a calm and positive environment while using this sense of religion and spirituality as protective factors in situations of stress. Understanding the meaning and function of prayer in school and with school curricula also can help build ...view middle of the document...

Three students and one teacher were selected randomly for the interview by assigning each student a number and picking out three.
Triangulation was implemented as a technique used to enhance the credibility of qualitative and quantitative research models (Glanz, 2003). By using three data collection methods, the researchers drew more accurate conclusions regarding the effects of opening school prayer. This study, however, did have a few limitations. The sample size was limited to 19 students and one teacher; thus, no generalizations can be made.
To protect the anonymity of student and teacher responses, names were not provided on the survey, open ended questions or interviews.
Results of Data
The purpose of this study was to determine if school community prayer at the beginning of each day helped teachers and students stay calm and positive throughout the school day. The four-point Likert survey focused on student feelings about the opening school prayer with 4 defined as strongly agree, 3 agree. 2 disagree, and 1 strongly disagree.
Students responded with a mean of 2.34 and a standard deviation of 0.62 indicating that most did not feel overwhelmed before the start of the school day (see Table 1). The somewhat high standard deviation may indicate that a few students did struggle. However, with a mean of 2.94 and a standard deviation of 0.39, many participants did believe that they needed to be calm to focus in school (Table 1). Furthermore, when asked whether prayer helped them remain calm, most participants answered negatively, with a mean of 2.28, suggesting that the opening school prayer was not the method used by students to be calm and positive. Although the standard deviation of 0.73 may indicate a few students found it beneficial, there was not...

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