Impact Of Urbanization Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Urbanization has been a subject of heated discussion for a long time. It is important for our city and life. In a modern city, people are appreciating the convenience. Such as gas electricity and so on. You can see films visit exhibition and do whatever they wanted. If they want become scholar scientist, they can find what they need, and living in city, it is often easier to find work. As we all know, China is a developing country, so urbanization can quicken our pace to catch up with the developed country, urbanization also create many opportunities the unemployed. So these conveniences make people’s life more comfortable and easy. The research is about The Importance of Urbanization on Our Future.

1.1 Definition
Urbanization generally refers to gather population to urban areas and rural areas into urban ...view middle of the document...

Because of the large number of people to focus on urbanization area, there have been frequent exchanges of people and diversification, so as to provide a market for some activities and even broader room for profits。For example, the emergence of urban large - scale entertainment venues and facilities, and so on. More is of special significance, the layout and construction of public facilities because of the Economy. This will also promote urbanization area comprehensive improvement of the environment and attract more investment, more and more concentration of the population in Hong kong. Promoting regional economic growth. Typical for example, public parks, subway, garbage disposal, the ATM.
2.2 Impact of urbanization on ecology
With the process of urbanization is the consumption of resources and energy, and water demand increase in number of impermeable ground, green spaces reduced and a series of ecological environmental problems.
2.3 Impact of urbanization on rural areas
Urbanization is that some farmers, but it is not only for farmers, but more importantly by changes in the structure of employment and income of peasants, so that they can participate and share the achievements of urbanization with dignity and to share in the town of modern life.
1. Expanding domestic demand, stimulating economic growth.
2. Rational use of land resources, improve the allocation of resources
3. Narrowing the urban - rural income gap, to build harmonic society.  

3.0 Conclusion
Urban multi - cultural integration of urban economic prosperity of city innovation of science and technology, urban community reconstruction of interaction between urban and rural areas .This chapter introduces an overview of the report and the aspects that will be carried out in the following chapters. On the other hand, it gives a clear picture of the topic and the importance of urbanization to our society

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