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Impact Of Tourism On Environment Essay

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Vu Thu Phuong
Student ID: 30110714

Topic: The Impact of Tourism on Environment

In recent years, the tourism industry is considered as an important economic sector in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. Although tourism industry brings tremendous benefits to a country’s development, the impact of tourism on natural habitat cannot be denied. In this essay, I will discuss both positive and negative impact of tourism on our environment and suggest idea to tackle with these issues.

On the one hand, tourism brings a lot of advantages. Firstly from the environmental perspective, tourism activities generate good results for the rational use and optimal protection of ...view middle of the document...

The visitors is one of the causes of water pollution, littering. Too many travelers make traffic jam and air quality worse. Tourism could threaten the local natural environment by waste pollution and tourists’ activities. In addition, the construct of excessive building by tourism industry is unnecessary. It could destroy natural habitats and cause the extinction of many animals and plants. Also, tourism industry puts more pressure on natural resources as oil and water. This may lead to shortage in some basic human needs. From cultural perspective, tourism can affect local cultures negatively. For example, traditional jobs and skills like farming and fishing can be disappeared because tourism forces people to work in their services. Therefore, this leads to lose of many cultural features and values.

Commonly, there are some potential ways to change the negative attitudes of these issues. One possibility is that government should emphasise and publicise the benefits of tourism widely on media which help people to understand the advantages...

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