Impact Of The Military On The Roman Empire

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Fall of the Roman Empire - The Impact of the Military

Fall of the Roman Empire - The Impact of the Military

The Roman military was viewed as one of the most powerful armies ever. However, around the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th Century, the military began to collapse. Many things contributed to this including, military problems within the army, military tactics and decisions, and barbarian attacks. Some of the military problems were the low funds for the army and problems in recruiting soldiers. A problem in the tactics and decisions was that the military often recruited barbarians for the Roman Army. These barbarians could not be trusted. The barbarian attacks ...view middle of the document...

The military recruited barbarians for lower pay, and allowed them to become Roman citizens if they stayed in the army for a certain amount of years. Some barbarians were willing to fight members of the same tribe to join the Roman army, others joined because they wanted the Romans to stop invading their territories. The army was mainly Germanic because most of the soldiers were barbarians. In fact, many barbarians had high ranking positions and were in control of the army. The army was unorganized, and there was a decrease in the fighting efficiency.

Male Roman citizens tried to avoid the draft. There was low pay and physical hardships in the army. In fact, many men went as far as cutting off part of their hand so they couldn't carry a weapon. However, the Roman government soon found out about this trick and they forced people to join the army anyway.

The barbarians started to take advantage of the unorganized army. They began to infiltrate the empire, first in small groups, then in larger masses. The barbarians realized the importance of the army and used it to their advantage. Different barbaric tribes begin to attack the empire. The Romans suffered many losses which...

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