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Impact of Technology on CustomersTEC 401 - Human Factors in TechnologyAugust 15, 2007Impact of Technology on CustomersOur world has become a vital part of technology and this has affected people of all walks of life, for example, doctors, students, engineers, and people in business. Technology has become the technical means of improvement in all organizations. Due to so much dependency, organizations use technology to control the world in which they live. This paper will address the impact technology has on customers with the introduction of new products, added value, support plans, and technology partnership that enhance customers experience.People ...view middle of the document...

Value from new TechnologyTechnology can be used best to support and enhance customers and staff member effectiveness. Management should research what technologies are currently available and are being used successfully in other organizations as well as their own organization. Next, a general vision or direction for the organization technology strategy should be established. The information gained from other organizations technology can be a good starting point. When determination is made on the technology that is suitable for the organizational business, contact a project manager for plans (Regan and O'Connor, 2003). Keep in mind that the organization requires a system that is capable to grow with the business. Being a technological business owner, management should be aware of the real value of technology, that is controlled by the people using it, not the by the software or hardware itself.Technology is the artificial enhancement of human power. With the introduction of new technology, customers and support staff computer skills should be stronger and smarter, however, some organizations are discovering that technology now has the opposite effect. When an individual consider the technology of nuclear power, this has terrified its creators, while improvement of technical machines has caused economic stagnation and social chaos. In the world of business technology, times are turbulent. When factors are examined in the complexity of the buyer-seller regard, such as value, competitive advantage, partnership, and trust seems that new values need to be assigned to all these factors. Old values held by each, simply does not work any more. Old values were predicted with some type of equation that assumed a steady-state world, where goals were predicted to have status quo, stability, and a dislike to change. The business world today is ruled by customer wants and needs and dominated by high change, that buyer-seller equation need elements affluent in forward thinking, innovation, and flexibility. Till recently, factor values worked fine, but now they do not compute and are no longer valid.Support Plan for CustomersNew technology can be used ineffective and effective. Management should encourage customers and staff to use new technology effectively. Overall management can see that technology has become a vital part of all businesses. With the improvement of technology, customers and staff should realize that technology has become more important. People should know the impact of technology and how to control technology in the business environment. To take fully advantage of new information technology, organizations need to change old habits of performance. Change must include a learning process that enables staff members to assimilate new technology (Regan and O'Connor, 2002).Technology can be helpful in helping customer's support or employees do their work more efficient. A good example is mobile phones and Internet connections. The mobile phone places...

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