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Impact Of Research On Customer Service Quality

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An exploratory study on the impact of research and development on customer service and quality


1.0 Introduction

Research and development simply refers to the constant improvement of product and services and which enable the business to continuously thrive in terms of its operation. Research and development also leads to innovations intended for these products and services. In generating high impact innovations, it is important that the organization should devise a systematic method of identifying opportunities that provide new value for the consumers (Johnston and Bate, 2003). The changing consumer preference was an opportunity that is exploited through innovation (Paley, 2006). ...view middle of the document...

There is the necessity therefore to innovate not only in terms of products but also of processes and services. However, innovating the business environment from a static into a more responsive and proactive workplace that encourages listening to customer problems is not without difficulties. Research questions are as follows:

1)    How innovation of products, processes and services could effectively lead to enhanced customer satisfaction?

2)    How innovation of products, processes and services could effectively lead to improved quality of each?

3.0 Study Objectives

The main objective of this study is to explore the interplay between research and development and customer service and research and development and quality. There are three factors that will be considered: products, processes and services. In lieu with this, these objectives will be addressed:

Determine how innovative products, processes and services enhanced customer satisfaction
Distinguish how innovative products, processes and services improved quality
4.0 Methodology

The research will be approached based on an interpretivism view. Interpretivism is the necessary research philosophy for this study because it allows the search, of the ‘details of the situation, to understand the reality or perhaps a reality working behind them. It is necessary to explore the subjective meanings motivating people’s actions in order to understand their actions.

The study will be exploratory in nature because it aims to determine the present facts as well as facts that are not yet explored about the phenomenon. Exploratory research will enable the study to look at the problem in both descriptive and exploratory manner. It will look into the problem by exploring the views of different sets of respondents, as well as by exploring different literatures related with the study.

Primary and secondary research will be conducted in the study. In...

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