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Impact Of Personal Computer Essay

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The impact of the Personal Computer
A computer is a device that receives processes and presents information. A personal computer is a computer that is created for private use by an individual. “Computers small and inexpensive enough to be purchased by individuals first became feasible in the 1970’s when large scale integration made it possible to construct a processor on a single semiconductor”. Since then the PC industry has exploded and truly revolutionized how we live, work and communicate in almost every single way. The PC industry has had a number of big impacts in society and we will discuss some of them below.
The PC industry has truly revolutionized how people communicate as the ...view middle of the document...

Entertainment is coming straight to your home in your living room.
The PC has also led to the rise of the internet. This unfortunately has led to the rise of cybercrime which was unheard of 30 years ago. Hackers are now able to take over and cripple huge companies, sensitive facilities, bank accounts etc. and with a click of a button can cause serious damage. I identity theft, Credit card fraud and outright thievery and copyright infringements are on the rise. All this is made possible by the PC. Individuals had declared outright cyber warfare against nations and organizations in a bid to cripple them or get some form of concession. Security and privacy are more and more being encroached on and becoming more and more difficult to find.
The PC industry is surely here to stay. It has replaced and changed everything we once knew. However, I think it may have reached its potential for the near foreseeable future. The rise of smartphones, tablets and hand held devices has presented a serious challenge to the PC industry. As...

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