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Impact Of Ojt To The Student Of Usm Kcc

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Training is a learning process in which the trainee to enhance their skills in work related. In this program they can perform task by the assist of the supervisor or instructor.
Many opportunities for development can be found in O.J.T or on-the-job training. Morale, productivity and professionalism will normally be high in those individuals that employ a sound of O.J.T program. As per required by the CHED, college student in the Philippines including the University of Southern Mindanao, College of Industry and Technology that student must undergo on-the-job training with required time of a hundreds of hours. On-the-job training is still widely ...view middle of the document...

J.T among the BT-4A of USM-KCC-CIT and find out how it would be useful for the improvement of their skill chosen.

Statement of the Problem

This study attempted to determine the impact of O.J.T among the BT-4A of USM-KCC-CIT batch 2014-2015.
Specifically, it answered the question:
1. What are the impacts of O.J.T among the BT-4A of USM-KCC-CIT batch 2014-2015?

Objective of the Study

Generally, this study aimed to determine the impact of O.J.T among BT-4A of USM-KCC-CIT batch 2014-2015.

Significance of the Study

The researcher of this undertaking desire to make significant contribution to the better improvement and further development of the on-the-job training program.
To the cooperating firms, industry and companies who accepts student trainees this would guide them to improve their supervision on the trainees.
To the student who will enrolled their practicum course, this will give them a better understanding about the importance of the O.J.T.
Furthermore, the findings of this study can serve as source among researchers undertaking related field.

Operational Definition of Terms
The following terms are defined operationally and conceptually to have a clear understanding of the study:
Impact - direct effect about the topic to the object.
O.J.T- a program of the CHED to all student in college.
BT-4A – the respondent of the study
USM-KCC-CIT – the place where conducting the research and where the respondent mostly seen.
Professionalism – an act of a good character of person in work related.
Training- a program by...

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