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The Impact of Foreign Media on Children Aged 8-18 Years.

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Date of Submission: April 27, 2013
Course: Business Research Methods

Do you ever notice what do you watch during the Prime Time; An Indian Drama, or a Turkish one, or any local? Now days, mostly people are inclined towards these Turkish dramas like “Ishq-e-Mamno”, “Fatima Gul” and so many more and are so mesmerized by their outlook that they have started to forget their own culture. This problem was identified by ...view middle of the document...

This stance may have a variety in our case as gradually and progressively Indian and western beliefs are dominating our own cultural values. Adding a certain amount of factors media too playing a vital role in raising the cultural differences, our youth and children are getting away from their fundamental religious values and unable to identify their own superior culture. In the current situation Pakistani media is competing with foreign media, which include Indian and western programs. Due to power of this media we are losing our own identity and our entertainment industry is facing a financial crisis. Impact of this diversified media is so strong on our children, that they do not feel reluctant watching Indian and western programs, despite the fact that they are full of aggression, violence, and obscene scenes. Children who watch television for prolonged period of time are associated with lack of creativity, tolerance, imagination, involvement, and physical, mental and religious development. If they see Indian dramas they will develop positive image of India in their mind, now children are more aware of Hindu traditions and Hindu beliefs than their own culture. Even broadcasting of their cartoon content brings the children at a helpless situation to stick to their own culture or media visualization. Indian dramas are showing loyalty towards their own country and religion, in this situation what type of message Pakistani children are getting? Impact of the Indian media on our youth is more firm than impact on Hindu society and their culture. Children mix Hindi words in Urdu language and use it in their daily routine.  Now days our children do not feel any discomfort in watching immoral content, bringing obscene magazine and movies to their home. Such kinds of programs are diverting the children form religion, traditions and culture. These programs are fascinating youngsters to such an extent that they want to talk, dress and be them in every way, especially in Turkish broadcasting content. The characters being shown on television lack the qualities to become the ideal of our children. Moreover the recent trend of Turkish dramas is in lime light. Although it is an Islamic state, but what kind of image they are portraying? The dramas like ishq-e-mamnoon and Fatima-Gul are full of glamor and fascination; that are totally against the Islamic values. Such dramas are badly affecting our youngsters’ minds because the message which they are trying to expose through such dramas is the one adult have been hiding from their children since centuries. Immature children watch such dramas showing romance, immoral acts, assassination, dishonesty, uproar, grief and obscene actions
Literature Review
Media is known to be the fourth pillar of state. However, unlike the other three pillars; legislature, the executive and the judiciary, the media is not a recognized institution in our constitution. Pakistani media is playing very important role in projecting true...

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