Impact Of Iso 9000 Certification On Perceived Training And Development Activities In Pakistan

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Questionnaire design
Questionnaire offers the most cost effective method for securing feedback on the impact of ISO 9000 certification on training and development activities of an organization. A comment / suggestion question was also included. As this is replicated study, so questionnaire was developed from literatures of Quazi et al. However, some minor modifications and additions was made that were necessary in order to structure the questionnaire to suit the Pakistan context. The questionnaire consists of five factors of training and development activities. A five-point Likert scale, with a provision of ‘Not Sure’ and `Not Applicable’, was used (where 5= very high and ...view middle of the document...

Each firm was requested to respond within 2 weeks of receiving the questionnaire. The response to the survey was closely monitored, and telephone calls were made to firms that did not respond by the stipulated time frame.

Data analysis
The obtained data was analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).
To establish the credibility of the instrument, reliability and validity tests was performed. The reliability was measured by Cronbach’s alpha. This ensured repeatability of the results when different people took the test or tested on different occasions. Content validity was judged subjectively by our Teachers. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to explore the relationship between ISO 9000 certification and training and development activities. The F-value (Significance) was used to determine whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis. One-way ANOVA test was conducted for the construct.

Analysis and Findings

Profile of respondents
There were a total of 43 respondents consisting of 77% ISO 9000-registered firms and 23% of Non ISO 9000-registered firms as shown in figure: 1. Majors respondents were from Financial Institutions, Business/professional services and Telecom industries as indicated in figure: 2.
Organization size
About 51% of the sample comes from organizations with greater than 500 employees. 18% of the sample comes from organizations with 200 to 500 employees and 31% of the sample comes from organizations with less than 200 employees as evident from figure: 5. Further, of the total sample, about 51% had annual sales more than one billion, about 28% had between ten millions to one billion and about 21% had above had below than ten million sales as indicated in figure: 4.

More than half (54%) of the sample firms/organizations were large Organizations (Associate companies) and the rest were composed of partnerships, Join Venture, Sole proprietorship and Subsidiaries etc as shown in figure: 3.


N Mean Std. Deviation Std. Error 95% Confidence Interval for Mean
Lower Bound Upper Bound
Training Need
Assessment No 10 2.80 .632 .200 2.35 3.25
Yes 33 3.73 .801 .139 3.44 4.01
Total 43 3.51 .856 .130 3.25 3.77
Training Design No 10 2.70 .675 .213 2.22 3.18
Yes 33 4.00 .935 .163 3.67 4.33
Total 43 3.70 1.036 .158 3.38 4.02
Training Delivery Method No 10 2.50 .527 .167 2.12 2.88
Yes 33 4.21 .696 .121 3.97 4.46
Total 43 3.81 .982 .150 3.51 4.12
Training Evaluation No 10 1.80 .919 .291 1.14 2.46
Yes 33 3.18 1.103 .192 2.79 3.57
Total 43 2.86 1.207 .184 2.49 3.23
HRD Activities No 10 2.60 .516 .163 2.23 2.97
Yes 33 4.36 .603 .105 4.15 4.58
Total 43 3.95 .950 .145 3.66 4.25

Table: 1
Descriptive statistics
Of the Five constructs of training and development activities, `HRD Activities’ shows the highest mean score (4.3) on A five-point Likert scale. The training and development activities, number of items measuring...

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