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Impact Of Islam Essay

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For this paper I will discuss the impact of Islam had on the evolving world. It will start with the creation Islam discussing the prophet Muhammad and the Koran. I will start with a brief introduction to Islam and explain how the Koran was written and the importance of the teachings of Muhammad. I will discuss the beliefs of Islam and how the five pillars influence their everyday life. This will help in the understanding of Islam and show how this religion impacts the political, cultural and society of the Middle East. I will also discuss the rapid spread of Islam throughout the Middle East and why this was such an important event in the history of the world. While the primary focus will be ...view middle of the document...

The book contains 114 Surah’s or chapters as we would commonly call them. It is not meant to be a timeline historical account like the Bible, moreover the information in the Koran is scattered throughout the chapters which sometimes makes it much more difficult to read. You will find yourself jumping back and forth from chapter to chapter as you try to interpret the meaning of certain passages.
Islam is founded on Six Pillars of Belief that altogether are known as Iman. The first of these pillars is the belief in one God, second is the belief in angles, the belief in these books and prophets make up the third and fourth pillar. The fifth is to believe in accountability, both good and bad and finally the sixth is to believe in the divine decree of God. Under these come the Five Pillars of Islam, these consist of the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting during Ramadan, almsgiving or Zakat, and finally the pilgrimage to Mecca.
Life in the Muslim world revolves around the Koran. There is not a lot of separation between church and state. It is believed that the Koran provides both a guide for spiritual living and sets rules for the society to live within. The struggle between Nationalism and Islamism is important to understand and these differences will be discussed later when comparing Islam to Christianity and the problems the West has had with the Middle East. It is also important to understand that this struggle within countries of the Middle East leads to many of the differences and tensions that exist today in the Arab World.
Islam spread rather rapidly across the Middle East and beyond following the death of Muhammad. Just prior to his death the first phase had already been realized as Muhammad was able to make this the primary religion in most of what we call the Middle East. The expansion of civilizations from 750-1258 helped move Islam outside of the Arabian Peninsula. People were converting to Islam across Central Asia and Africa by this time. Expanded trade routes and the movement of slaves and slavers brought this new religion to new areas, it is important to note that during these early conversions most were peaceful and the people accepted the transition, it was not forced upon them. I believe many of the people who converted did so willingly for several reasons, the Muslim’s allowed them to keep many of their traditions, but the primary reason was this religion was not all that different from what many had already been practicing. That will be discussed later when we compare Islam to Christianity.
The third wave of conversion came at the hands of some powerful empires. The Ottoman Empire is a perfect example, from the 13th century until 1918 the Ottoman Empire was the dominate force in the Middle East and beyond. The area they ruled was vast and conversion at this point was more or less forced upon the people. It was not a peaceful and wiling transition as seen before. Today Islam continues to be a big part of the...

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