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Running head: The impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM Report

The Impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM report on the future of nursing.

The institute of medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson foundation formed a Committee to look into ways of making nursing a strong profession where nurses become partners and leaders to improve health care in the period of health care reforms, this led to the creation of Robert Wood Johnson initiative (RWJF) on the future of nursing in conjunction with the Institute of medicine (IOM), The Committee made some ...view middle of the document...

As a result of this, nursing need to attain required competencies in order to deliver a high quality care, these competencies include: leadership, system improvement, research, health policy, evidenced based practice, team work, and competency in community and public health, also geriatrics. As a result of this increasing demand, the IOM Committee recommended that nurses should achieve high level of education and they be educated in new ways to better prepare the nurses to meet the expanding needs of the population.
The Committee made the following recommendations:
* An increase in the number of nurses with bachelor’s degree by eighty percent (80%) in 2020. This could be achieved through different programs including RN to BSN program, traditional four year BSN program, provision of easy transition associate Degree (ADN) to BSN and increase in providers of nursing education.
* That nurses should engage in lifelong learning by continuous education both before and after receiving their nursing license.
* Implement nursing residency programs, that State Board of nursing, the Federal and healthcare organizations should support completion of nurse residency after they have completed an advance practice degree program, or when they move into a new clinical practice area.
This anticipated change in nursing practice and education has brought great respect to nursing practice, many State Board of nursing in the United States have BSN degree as a requirement for an entry level nurse. Nurses now know they do not have to be restricted to bedside nursing alone, a nurse can now get an education and participate in the day to day running of an health care organization, specialize at a master’s degree level and also formulate policies and procedures.

According to nursing workforce center, the IOM report reveals that nurses are best positioned to fill the new and expanded roles in the new health care system, the report states that nurses must be better prepared to deliver patient centered, and safe health care services, also nurses must engage with physicians in order to deliver care, These recommendations has led to the expansion of nursing roles in primary health care deliver and support the standard of nursing practice already in place through...

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