Impact Of Ict To Aviation Company

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Information and communication technologies (ICT) refer to several forms of information exchange
between two or more computers through any of the several methods of interconnection. These
technologies provide speedy, inexpensive and convenient means of communication. The adoption of
these technologies in many countries by different sectors of the economy have been found to have
direct positive impact on the organizations's efficiency and have led to more rapid acceleration of
development in these countries.
In Nigeria, however, preliminary investigations show that only a few organizations in the economy
have adopted the ICTs, but there has not been formal study to determine the ...view middle of the document...

In connection with this trend, the International Air
Transport Association (IATA) has been promoting the
Simplifying Passenger Travel project to facilitate the
process of international travel for next-generation air
transportation. Information and communication technologies
(ICTs) have an especially significant role to play
here, for it is only with the strategic, widespread, intensive,
and innovative use of ICT in future airport development
polices and programs that the ambitious agenda of
passenger convenience and airport security becomes
much more possible to achieve. But this involves the need
not only to unleash the potential of ICT per se, but also
the need to ensure that an enabling environment and
capacities that can facilitate its aviation applications are

Nigeria is faced with enormous problems of information access. These problems, especially that of low
level telephone penetration and uneven access, appear to be insurmountable. The penetration rate in
Nigeria in the Twentieth Century was less than one line per 1000 population. Inspite of efforts made by
successive governments in Nigeria to improve on the penetration rate, the country had continued to
nose dive as a result of fresh challenges in terms of building information and communication technology
(ICT) related management and communication infrastructure. This has resulted in almost negative
benefit, both to the economy and the society as a whole.
It is quite evident that Nigeria at present lacks innovation, capacities and capabilities in information
technology (IT) management and hardware maintenance. This notwithstanding, the country has been
and will continue to import and use a wide range of durable consumer electronics, computers and
telecommunication equipments. It must therefore begin to accumulate the capabilities to repair and
maintain these vintages. Indeed, if Africa is not to be left behind in global trade and development, it
must be able to master certain basic capabilities in ICT. In addition, the rate of technical obsolescence
is likely to be much faster with ICT, compared with the natural technologies (such as steel, textiles and
petrochemicals). The technological followers in Africa may therefore face the difficulty of sourcing for
parts, components and peripherals, unless they begin to accumulate the capacity for component
Available technology is largely obsolete — electro-mechanical switching system. Presently, some
countries are engaged in massive modernization efforts; Nigeria for instance, has at present, about
500,000 lines with about 160,000 lines just added through the on-going digitalization programme.
Technology absorption and mastery takes more than importation of technology; learning which demands
explicit investment is a prerequisite for building the technical and managerial capabilities.
Given the foregoing, the diffusion of ICT will have widespread, albeit differentiated impact on all
countries, industries and sectors. Policy must...

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