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Impact Of Hrm Essay

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Abstract Globalization has a major impact on the management of human resources in developing countries including Kenya. It has led to homogenization and convergence in organization strategies, structures and processes as well as in consumer choice. With accelerating globalization, organizations have had to change and new trends have set in even in the management of human resources. Globalization has led to changes in organization design and organization structures are leaner thus improving efficiency but having a negative impact on ...view middle of the document...

‘Accelerating interdependence’ is understood to be the growing intensity of international enmeshment among national economies and societies, such that developments in one country impacts directly on another country. ‘Time space compression’ refers to the manner in which globalization appears to shrink geographical distance and time. In a world of near instantaneous communication, distance and time no longer seem to be major constraints on patterns of human organization and interaction (Held, McGraw, Goldbat and Perraton, 1999). Globalization is leading to homogenization and convergence in organizations’ strategies, structures and processes and in consumer choice, along with a new global division of labor that widens the income gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ both within and between societies. Today’s world is organized by accelerating globalization, ‘which is strengthening the dominance of a world capitalist economic system , supplanting the primacy of the nation state with transnational corporations and organizations, and eroding local cultures and traditions through a global culture (Kellner, 1989).
Hazel Gachoka Gachunga is a lecturer in human resource management in the School of Human Resource Development at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.


The emergent global economy and culture can be described as a ‘network society’ which is grounded in new communications and information technology (Castell, 1996, 1997, 1998). Some view globalization as the continuation of modernization and a force of progress, wealth, freedom, democracy and happiness. Others view it as another form of imposition. Its critiques view globalization as harmful and perceive it as a force that brings about increased domination and control by wealthier and overdeveloped nations over the poor and underdeveloped countries. They feel that it widens the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ (Castell, 1996). From the social theory perspective, globalization involves the flows of commodities, capital, technology, ideas, forms of culture and people across national boundaries via a global networked society (Castells, 1996, 1997, 1998). The transmutations of technology and capital, work together to create a new globalized and interconnected world. (Castell, 1998) A technological revolution involving the creation of computerized network of communication, transportation and exchange is the presupposition of a globalized economy, along with the extension of a world capitalist market system that is absorbing evermore areas of the world and spheres of production , exchange and consumption. The technological revolution presupposes global computerized networks and the free movement of goods, information and people across national boundaries. Hence the internet and global computer networks make globalization possible, by producing a technological infrastructure for the global economy. Globalization has an effect on employment patterns worldwide. It...

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