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Impact Of High Staff Turnover On Divisional Performance At Limpopo Economic Development Agency

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I, Chavani Fritz-donald Khosa declare that this dissertation is the result of my ...view middle of the document...

I would like to thank the Executive Manager: Enterprise Development and Finance of LEDA, Mr RR Mpe for the permission granted to conduct the research at LEDA. Without such permission, the research would not have been possible.
Participants have played a major role with respect to their responses to the questionnaires.
I also thank Mr Mandla Manyiwa for assistance with statistical analysis.

The importance of this research study was to explore the causes of staff turnover, the critical analysis of the performance of Enterprise Development Division at LEDA over five years, the impact of high staff turnover on the performance of Enterprise Development Division and to recommend appropriate strategies to retain key employees at LEDA.
The research seeks to explore two hypotheses, namely: High staff turnover does not impact on divisional performance and, high staff turnover does impact on divisional performance.
The research followed the quantitative approach which used the questionnaire with the 5 point Likert scale. Clustered random sampling was used during the research.
The results of the study show that the following factors are the causes of staff turnover at LEDA: inadequate equipment and tools at the work stations, lack of proper induction of new employees, lack of training of employees as per training need analysis and the salaries of the agency are not market related.
Statistical analysis for significant test from the Chi Squared value calculated (7.754) was less than the critical Chi Squared value (9.488) at 5% level of significance. Therefore, the Null hypothesis was accepted, hence there is a significant relationship between high staff turnover and divisional performance.
Various strategies and interventions are recommended to LEDA Management to reduce staff turnover and to retain key employees within the Enterprise Development Division of LEDA. More research is still required at LEDA with respect to post amalgamation staff turnover and its impact on the performance of Enterprise Development and Finance Division. The results of the research contribute to the body of knowledge of staff turnover and its impact on Enterprise Development in a government agency.
Key words: staff turnover, impact, divisional performance, retention strategies and rewards.
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