Impact Of Global Warming On Species

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Thousands of species have become extinct over the last four decades as a result of changes in land use and as a result of global warming. Whether or not the millions of species can adapt and evolve to climate changes is debatable. As this brief overview will report, the human species is not adapting well to the changes. It must be remembered that increases in the levels of carbon dioxide are certainly responsible for the risk many species face, but so is the way land is used, e.g., rain forest destruction. There is a feedback loop wherein plant life and the climate are interdependent. Each affects the other. When forests are cut down, temperatures in that area will rise. Rising temperatures ...view middle of the document...

The results of these acts of nature have taken lives; a heat wave in France claimed 15,000 lives (King, 2004) and one in Chicago caused 500 heat related deaths (Journal of Environmental Health, 2001). Carbon dioxide levels are higher than at any time in our history (King, 2004). It is projected that more carbon dioxide will cause these levels to cause increased temperatures "by 1.0 degrees to 4.5 degrees Celsius during the next century. Furthermore, climate changes have brought more diseases especially vector borne diseases, like malaria” (Journal of Environmental Health, 2001, p. 30).
Different attempts have been made to stop global warming or to slow down its progress. For instance, the Kyoto Protocol was signed by numerous countries in 1997 (Retallack, 2000). This agreement called for countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 (Retallack, 2000). Since that time, the levels identified in this Protocol would do very little in terms of stabilizing the concentration of these gases (Retallack, 2000).
In 2001, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) adopted a 10-year Environmental Strategy (OECD Observer, 2004). In 2004, they acknowledged they are not on track with the strategy (OECD Observer, 2004). They recognize the needs but only about one-third of the ministers reported reducing greenhouse gas emissions (OECD Observer, 2004).
Despite the evidence, government leaders do not seem to understand what the changes in the biosphere mean. Hansen and colleagues (2001) point out there is a double-edge sword affecting the climate. Not only is there the production of carbon dioxide, forests have changed (Hansen et al, 2001). As these authors note, "organisms within forests" (Hansen et al, 2001, p. 765) affect the forest itself (Hansen et al, 2001). Any force that affects organisms within a system affects that system and also has an impact on climate (Hansen et al, 2001). One point this group makes is that when a species' habitat is changed suddenly, species are not able to evolve or adapt to the change as they would normally do (Hansen et al, 2001). For example, the destruction of a rain forest results in the sudden destruction of habitats. Excessive logging has resulted in the loss of species' habitats (Hansen et al, 2001). It has also left the area vulnerable to fires, destroying the species that live there (Hansen et al, 2001). Additionally, any change in the way land is used can change the climate (Hansen et al, 2001).
Climate changes have resulted in some mobile species changing their breeding ranges (Hansen et al, 2001). For example, both birds and amphibians "in Great Britain have shifted breeding dates by 1 to 3 weeks earlier since the 1970s" (Hansen et al, 2001, p. 765). The change coincided with the rising temperatures (Hansen et al, 2001). Other observations are worse. For instance, UN Environment Program reported a change in the population of turtles in terms of "the ratio of males and females"...

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