Impact Of Global Warming On Economic Development

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Impact of Global Warming on Economic Development

Global Warming, the general increase in the earth's near-surface air and ocean temperatures, remains a pressing issue in a society that has expanded its industrial use since the mid-twentieth century. Everyone born this century, in one form or another, has been exposed to the effects of global warming. The fact is that global warming, in its smallest stages, is a natural occurrence. Everyday gases such as carbon dioxide are released to warm the earth, allowing it to be a place that can be inhabited by all living things. However once the human element became higher in population, the warming of the earth was easier to identify. Humans ...view middle of the document...

Codfish could now be harvested in northern zones where it had not been seen for centuries and the frosts were coming in later than ever.
Although making lives easier was a positive reason for items being created, no one realized that there would also be any detrimental effects. However, after convenience items and utilities were found to have a downside, the question became, “What to do about it?” Unfortunately, the fact is that each day the earth temperature is still increasing. Now scientists are trying to determine a way, if not to stop global warming, at least slow it. If this is not done, experts fear that there will be many overwhelming changes in the earth that could result in humans and other living things becoming sick and in many species, extinct. (“What is Global Warming”, 2007, pg. 2).
While trying to control or stop global warming, opportunities have risen from a commercial perspective. Such opportunities came about when risk assessments performed and remedies were identified as being needed. Such remedies developed thus far are pollutant filtration systems put in place in power plants as well as upgraded emissions systems placed in automobiles and fuel alternatives such as bio-diesel (Dumas, 2006, pg. 19). Others are on the horizon and they are leading to an industrial expansion which will not only be a positive for corporations but also create jobs and decrease the unemployment quotient.
As changes occur, the fact remains that controlling the climate and warming effects of the earth must be a diligent effort. These efforts are similar to a diet. Everyone on the planet must be involved and only then will there be a measurable difference. However, the proper tools must be available for consumers to aid in the fight. Only then will the efforts to control the greenhouse effects be achievable.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Many have heard the term “global warming” but have paid little to no attention to what this actually means to the inhabitants of the earth. To prove this is easy. Few individuals have changed their lives to accommodate the physical aspects of the world. Only from governmental standpoints have certain materials or goods been altered in order to create less pollution leading to less carbon dioxide. However, the fact is that global warming which as discussed earlier, has led to a global climate change. These changes are evident by just reviewing the number of storms and their measured severity over the past 30 years. The occurrence of category four and five hurricanes has more than doubled in the past 30 year time span (“What is Global Warming”, 2007, pg. 1). This will continue to happen as category twos become threes and so on…. Regardless, the worry is that not only are category five hurricanes becoming more prevalent but they are also moving from being the rarity to becoming the norm.
Global warming is important and cannot be ignored and the universe has its own way of telling individuals that...

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