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The Impact of Divorce on Children
The impact of divorce on children
What does the effect of a divorce have on our children? Different circumstances will garner different responses from our children. Younger children may be able to adapt easier as older children may harbor resentment towards one or both parents. The individual impact can be either as positive or negative as both parents allow. If both parents are active in their separation, the transition for the children will be less stressful in the long run.
Becoming fatherless because of divorce
When a young child grows up having his parents involved in their after school activities is extremely important to ...view middle of the document...

These types of models are a benefit partly due to both parents being involved in the build of the model making it easier to abide by. This can help parents understand how to raise their children in split homes as well as provide the greatest benefit to their children in the long run.
Managing your time for your children
One of the easiest ways to ensure your children understand that a divorce is not the end of the world is to consistently show your children that they still come first. Consistently keeping your children’s activities a priority in your life can greatly assist in their transition from having a 2 parent home to going into a 1 parent home.
Having dedicated quality time with your children is an important part of the process of helping your children before, during and after a divorce. The technology age has assisted with this process by means of cellular telephones, instant messaging and webcams (“still a family 2009”). Although a dedicated one on one face to face relationship is preferred in assisting your children through a divorce, these technological items can offer parents with what might be the only means of staying in regular contact, therefore assisting the process in the long run.
What causes children’s problems?
A few reasons that may cause a child’s problems stem from a significant lifestyle change. When you go from possibly having two sources of income to in most cases a single source of income, which can propose many problems for children. A child
may not be able to be active in many extracurricular activities due to a financial hardship. Another possible reason, which might weigh even heavier on a child, is the prospect of having to move and leave his friends behind. Having to pick up everything you have grown to know and just move to an unfamiliar area can be very stressful on a young child.
The biggest mistakes parents make
Some of the mistakes that parents make can have a very large negative impact on how their child handles their divorce. The first mistake could be simply ending the marriage too quickly simply to provide some relief for problems they can’t find the answers to (“still a family” 2009). When parents decide that a divorce is the only solution, they don’t realize that they are causing many more problems by ending their marriage early instead of trying to figure out the root of their problems. Secondly, fighting in front of their children is one of the largest mistakes a couple can make due to the fact that it has a tendency to have lasting effects on their children. Often children feel the...

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