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Impact Of Billboards On Consumer Behaviour

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Impact of Advertising on Consumers’ buying behavior through Persuasiveness, Brand Image, and Celebrity endorsement

Shumaila Ahmed and Ayesha Ashfaq

The present research paper is focusing on the impact of advertising on consumer’s buying behaviors. Brand image, persuasiveness and celebrity endorsement in the advertising are the key factors, which raise the consumers’ intentions towards the product and buying behaviors. The buying behavior is strongly influenced by image of the product which is build by the advertisers. The primary data of the study is collected through questionnaires and secondary data was collected through internet, journals and business ...view middle of the document...

Advertising is usually a paid form of publicity by some sponsor and reached through various traditional media such as television, commercial radio advertisement, outdoor advertising, newspaper, magazine mail or modern media such as blogs, websites and text messages. Furthermore the developments and technological advancements have turned advertising to a more pervasive and powerful in its impact and affect (Leiss et al., 1986).
Early advertisers assumed that advertising is very powerful what is said “gets through and strongly achieves the intended and persuasive objectives as “ the early bullet or “hypodermic needle” models of communication which has given rise to the earliest concept of communication effects, “who says what to whom through what medium with what effect” ( Bryant and Zeeman 1944).
Advertising was introduced by Egyptians who used Papyrus for sales messages and wall posters, billboards, signboards and outdoor advertising as the most ancient form of advertising. The tradition of wall painting and wall chocking is found in the ancient culture of Greece and Romans and as well in India, which could be now seen in many, parts of the world as well (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008). Modern advertising is developed with the development of mass production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. After the success of print advertising, the idea of radio advertising prevailed this was then followed by the television advertising. In the early 1950s the Du Mont Television Network initiated the trend of giving advertisements. With the advent of 21st century the online advertising has prevailed the world market and consumer community as well. Now the advertising has proved its effects and impact on consumers’ buying behaviors and marketers needs all over the world. After 1920, advertising became a source of guidance for consumers, which was considering not only a source of guidance for buying but also in the matters of social roles, improvement in dressing sense, style and development of taste of good foods (Bell, 1976; Marchand, 1985).
Consumers buying behavior has always been given so much importance and space in the literature study of impact of advertising regarding its effectiveness (Ajzen, 2002). Most of the time consumers buying behavior is influenced by liking or disliking of consumer towards the advertisement of the product, advertised (Smith et al., 2002). Likewise, Allen. Et al., (1992) argue that it is actually the emotional reaction which is developed after the advertising, for the product advertised, that influences the consumer behavior. In the words of Gorn, 1982, the consumer behavior towards a product is totally depending on advertising, without any assessment of the quality of the product. Furthermore, Controversies over the impact of advertising on the consumer’s buying trends and habits has always been present (George, 1989). Sometimes the advertisers over exaggerate about the product’s benefits in such a...

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