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Impact Of Age Cohorts On Music Consumption

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I. Introduction.The assignment of music consumption became the culmination of interesting and challenging work of understanding consumer behaviour. Following the laws of research, we used both primary and secondary data. Primary data included 4 in-depth one hour interviews with people of 26, 28, 30 and 34 years old in Generation X group, 4 in-depth interviews with people of 40, ~ 46, ~49 and ~ 55. We really enjoyed this work because we learnt along the way improvising within the structure. We sent out questionnaires to 55 respondents and received 21 answers. Our friends took their time in answering quite difficult trait scale and the questions about their music preferences. We decoded ...view middle of the document...

The great variety of articles on consumption preferences of this group shows its importance to marketers. However, restricted by time and assignment frames we left this research behind with regret.II. Influence of basic needs on music preferences and consumption? The purpose of this part was to explain why people consume music in lights of literature. By looking at human needs, wants, and motivation, we can understand drivers of music consumption.1) Music as a one of the innermost expressions of human needs.In general people consume a particular good because it fulfills their physiological or acquired needs. The tension requires consumers to ease up a problem by fulfilling their needs through consuming goods. To our opinion Maslow's as well as Murray's list of 28 psychogenic needs hierarchy of needs can be successfully applied to music consumption.a) Consuming music is to fulfill human social needs: Since music is viewed as a form of social interaction, consuming music serves social needs, which appear to be one of the most important driving factors affecting music consumption. Through consuming music people seek to satisfy such social needs as love, affection, belonging and acceptance (Maslow) or affiliation needs concerned with affection between people (Murray). By consuming music people want to express who they are and which group they belong to. The research of Wilfred Dolfsma (1999) about the consumption of music revealed that the expression of social values is the most important factor affecting people's music choices. This is consistent with needs of belonging in Maslow's pyramid of needs or Murray's needs of recognition and affiliation.This finding is also consistent with research of Karni and Sachmeidler (1990). According to their study, products not only have physical attributes satisfying material needs, but have social attributes satisfying consumers' preferences for "the social" as well. Music itself contains social attributes that are "different languages" in terms of social values. This point accounts for music consumption that is considered as the way to express different personalities or different groups' characteristics in society.b) Consuming music is to fulfill self-esteem needs: Self-esteem needs (needs for prestige, status, and recognition from others), can also motivate people to consume music. People enjoy respect and attend activities that can satisfy those needs. For instance, one of motivations for attending performing arts is to satisfy a need for status, more specifically the need to feel important and influential (Tinsley and Eldredge 1995, p.108). Another study of motivation and images of Karaoke singers conducted by Bullerjahn & Heipcke (2001) reveals that music consumption is associated with esteem and tolerance, particularly in Karaoke activities in which the opportunity to sing is usually more important than the ability to do so.2) Music as a symbolic good.a)Filling the gaps: Social learning theory suggests...

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