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Impact Health And Safety/Hygiene Regulations Have On Food Retailers

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In this assignment I will be explaining how health and safety and hygiene regulations impacts on food retailers. I will be talking about all of the main pieces of legislations that make up the health and safety regulations. I will then be talking about how these regulations have impacted on food retailers and what these food retailers have had to implement and change to meet these regulations.
The first legislation I will be talking about is the HASAWA 1974 act which is short for Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This act is the primary piece of legislation that covers occupational health and safety in the U.K. To simplify things, this act covers what employers must do to keep their work force safe and what steps they must take to ensure that there is maximum safety where their staff operates. One duty of ...view middle of the document...

Because of the importance of this person’s role they have special powers which they can enforce on companies. Some of which are to examine and investigate the premises, enforce entry at a respectable time and to take substances and dismantle equipment as well as being able to take copies of documents.
RIDDOR1995 is a legislation put in place to further look out for workers and customer’s safety by having every major injury recorded in an accident book and then reported. This legislation puts duties on employers, the self-employed and the general people in control of the work premises (the responsible person) to report serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences. Some examples of injuries that need recording are;
* Fracturing or broken bones
* Chemical or hot metal burn
* Dislocation
* Various illnesses that require medical help
However in general a workplace must record an accident if someone dies, a major accident or an over seven day injury happens.
The reason for employers having to record injuries up until 7 days and then report it after 7 days (not including the day of the accident but including weekends and/or days off) is so that it allows the HSE to gather info about how and why the risk arose. For example if somebody ended up having to have a limb amputated and the HSE come in to their place of work and nothing is recorded then the HSE will be stuck on what actually happened. The reason why it’s so important that the HSE know what resulted in an injury is so that if something could have been prevented they can put in precautions and regulations so this type of injury will not happen again. Cases of over-seven day injuries must be notified within fifteen days of the incident and employers can now use an online form to report any injuries that have lasted over 7 days.

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