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In today's society, divorce is on the rise. Children of divorced parents experience many issues. The impact affects all developmental stages of children. Emotional and behavioral problems can begin in the preschool stage of development. In the early latency stage, children tend to have fear and fantasize that their parents will get back together. In the late latency stage, children will label one parent good and one parent bad based on their own needs. In Adolescence, children become depressed and suicidal. Some will even question their future martial relationships. Overall divorce can affect a child’s life whether it is their academics, behaviors, sexuality, parent child ...view middle of the document...

Peck and Manocherian (1988) also discussed how a child perceives a divorce. Babies are seen as less affected. Parent’s distresses mostly affected babies. Children ages 2 to 4 may develop bedwetting, thumb sucking, cry frequently, tantrums, problems sleeping through the night or regress to baby behaviors (Fritz, 2002). Peck and Manocherian (1988) state divorce is very hard for preschoolers. Ages 6 to 8 need individual time with each parent because most children will fantasies about the parents reuniting. They may also have problems with friends or school. They can even have issues with upset stomach or headaches (Fritz, 2002). Peck and Manocherian (1988) also found that children 6 to 8 have the hardest time of any age group. They have the ability to realize things yet do not possess adequate skills to deal with the disruption. Ages 9 to 12 are more involved in activities. Therefore one of the parents may get more of the child’s time. The child may also refuse to give one parent time. Role reversal can also arise (Fritz, 2002). Some children take on parent roles that can cause damage emotionally (Peck and Manocherian, 1988). Adolescence is a time of many changes both physical and emotional. They will form an identity separate from their parents. Dating and issues of their own future marriage are complicated issues the adolescence may face (Peck and Manocherian 1988). Ages 12 to 15 usually externalize blame and become controlling over which parent to live with. Serious problems such as depression, alcohol or drug abuse or sexual activity may require outside help. Ages 15 to 18 become focused on independence and activities. They may develop behavior problems, school issues, run away or get into trouble with the law (Fritz, 2002). Overall most children’s reactions to the stress of divorce are temporary and should be handled with sensitivity.
Duncan (1994) analyzed how economics affect children of divorce. For children who are already poor, their situation will most likely worsen. As studies have proven that most marriage will end in divorce. The percentages of children living in single parent homes have increased notably (Duncan 1994). Most children live with their mother and have lower income. They usually move to poorer neighborhoods. Higher levels of depression can occur with tough economic conditions (Portnoy 2008). Poverty can cause a divorce for some families. On the other hand divorce can cause poverty for some children. Especially, depending on whether a father pays child support (Duncan, 1994). Some fathers avoid child support, which in turn drives them away from contact with their children (Portnoy, 2008). Overall economic decline may have effects on the emotional stability of parents and their parenting effectiveness (Portnoy 2008).
Growing up is harder to do when a child’s parents are divorced. Portnoy states “Children of divorce display higher levels of depression, anxiety and low self esteem and more frequent use of psychological...

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