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Imo Report

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With the rapidly changing health care settings and an evolving health
care system ,nurses should achieve higher level of education through an
improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression
Ever changing technology and to cope the nurses need education through
out life .In 2008 ,the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ( RWJF ) and the
Institute Of Medicine ( IOM ) launched a two- year initiative to respond to
the need to ...view middle of the document...

Nursing curricula need to
be updated according to the patients” needs and technology.


Nurses at all levels are unable to fully participate in the resulting evolution of the U.S healthcare system. A variety of historical ,cultural ,regulatory and public barriers limit nurses’ ability .While challenges are there at all levels the committee took particular note of the legal barriers in many states that prohibit Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) from practicing to their full education and training. In the 21 century challenges facing the nation have shifted dramatically .
Health care provider provide more primary care as opposed to specialty care and
to deliver more care in the community rather than the acute care setting. Some
physicians challenge expanding scopes of practice for nurses.The committee is of the view that the APRNs not substitutes for physicians .They work throughout from health promotion ,disease prevention to early diagnosis to prevent or limit disability.Though some works the nurses do are done by physicians ,the nurses incorporate services from other disciplines including social work, nutrition ,physical therapy etc. Inconsistent state regulations restrict the ability of nurses to provide care legally.Some states have not kept pace with the evolution of the health care system .As result of that Nurse Practitioners (N P ) and certified nurse midwives and APRNs can not work nationwide in the same manner. In some states they can not do what in some states they can do. The legal barriers created by different states are grotesque and is the main obstacle to the nurses’ scope of practice.

The federal government is compelled to take keen interest in health care because of their responsibility to provide health care to everyone while they are responsible to the...

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