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Immigration & Texas Essay

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History of immigration goes back decades in American History. The founding fathers of America could be considered immigrants. According to MPI, Migration Policy Institute almost 41 million immigrants, or 13% of the total population, are present in the United States of America is known as the melting pot of the world because people of all nationalities and backgrounds dream to land in America for a slice of the freedom we, as Americans, so effortlessly boost and pride ourselves in. In the present day, immigration remains a hot topic among citizens and legislation. The current policy in place is rather complex and can be conf ing for majority of the time. The issue of taking in migrants is ...view middle of the document...

3 Billion in economic activity, or 403,174 jobs. In Texas, a third of the immigrants are naturalized citizens eligible to vote. While Texas’ policy does not change being a part of the United States, it is still imperative to notice what benefits come from immigration.
Canada tends to look at immigration with open arms. The Migration Policy Institute explains that 1 in 5 Canadian residents were born in a different country. In America, immigrants are looked at most of the time as an intrusion. Trying to adopt how the Canadian government treats immigrants, the United States congress is divergent on the argument as to whether the country should allow easier and more open access for skilled workers. Canada leaves its doors open and rather inviting for anyone and everyone to migrate. While it may seem like Canada would let everyone and anyone in their country, there are still “inadmissible” individuals which are prohibited access into the country. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is the outline for these types of inadmissible persons.
Like the United States, Canada has various types of programs in which one can immigrate to Canada. Listed on Canadian Government’s website, workers have many options to migrate over to Canada. The specialized programs include the following: federal skilled workers, Canadian Experience Class (this is a program specialized for people with in-Canada skilled work at a professional level), Federal Skilled Trade, Quebec-selected skilled work (this program is intended for those individuals who wish to reside in Quebec’s province), provincial nominees (this program is for those who know they would like to go to a specific province), Start-Up visa, self-employed people, and live-in caregivers. There are also two sponsorships available for those to migrate to Canada, a family sponsorship or a refugee sponsorship. With all that said, immigration does not seem to stand as an issue in Canada. Instead, immigration seems to be a respected and wanted topic amongst the government and Canadian citizens. The country is also notated to allow for up to 250,000 immigrants on an annual basis.
Concluding, the United States and Canada have immigration systems which are faintly different from one another. While Canada’s system might be more of a welcoming system for migrants, the United States system tends to be more by the book with exceptions made few and far...

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