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Immigration Impacts In The U.S. Economy

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Immigration’s benefits and impacts in the US economy

Immigration is a subject that touches Americans deeply, for understandable reasons. America is a nation peopled almost exclusively by immigrants or those who are descended from immigrants (Griswold, D.T, 2012). Moreover, in the Revista Academica del Cisan Unam (2011), White, K.M (2011) stated that “The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, and immigration policy has always been controversial. The history of immigration in the United States is contrasted in this article with a normative standard of naturalization (immigration policy) based on the Declaration of Independence”.
For centuries, according to Lehman T.E. (1995), the American culture has been a beacon of hope to the oppressed peoples of collectivist economies and authoritarian or totalitarian governments throughout the world. However, basic economic open analysis and numerous empirical studies have confirmed that immigrants ...view middle of the document...

T, 2012)
Taking similar approach, Hanson, G.H (2012), stated that low-skilled immigrants whether legal or illegal, pay taxes and use government services (Camarota 2004). They pay sales taxes when they make purchases and property taxes for the housing they rent or own. According to Mr. Hanson, a worker who presents a social security to an employer, be the number valid or not, will have payroll taxes deducted from his or her paycheck, with those sent in to the federal government.
America was founded by immigrants. It is a place where people from all cultures have called home. Therefore, an advantage of immigration to the United States is the increase in diversity and culture throughout the country. Although many people argue that this is not a good thing, many others feel that diversity and culture can serve to educate Americans. One major advantage of immigration is that immigrants lead to an increased workforce in America. That is, some of the smartest and brightest immigrants from other countries come to America because they are disillusioned with their home countries. Furthermore, many immigrants work at low-paying jobs that natural born citizens often don't want to perform. These jobs, although not glamorous, are essential to the economy (Art, C., eHow contributor).
In conclusion, Americans must begin to accept the fact that free trade and open borders are to their utmost benefit. By embracing the philosophy of free immigration and free labor mobility, we benefit from the productivity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship not only of those within our borders, but also of those from without. Expanding the division of labor into the international marketplace makes available a vastly enlarged array of resources, thus enhancing the living standards of everyone (Lehman, T.E (1995).

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