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Immigration Germany Essay

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Migration is identified as a movement of people. There can be two kinds of migration: immigration and emigration. In this part I am going to talk only about immigration to Germany. It is defined as a movement of people into country. This movement will help to meet future labour demand and a shortages caused by shrinking German working-age population. However, international recruitment is difficult process. Restrictions still prevent the employment of most skilled workers, even if there is a labour shortage. In Germany there are three types of immigrants: EU-immigrants, non-EU and students.
Skilled workers
The biggest shortage in German labour market is skilled workers. The ...view middle of the document...

The process time for getting these documents usually takes several months. There are many other regulations such as proof of language, qualifications, ect.
Students as labour force
Labour immigrants are defined as persons who came to Germany for the purpose of working. However, international students can be considered as labour immigrants too, because it is likely that in a long-run their purpose of migration is going to change. These immigrants are considered to be prospective skilled workers.
Germany is popular between international students. In 2013, about 11,2 % of all students in Germany were foreign students. This is because German education system has several advantages: well-regarded universities, low tuition system, work and study possibilities. Compared with labour immigrants who obtained education abroad international student has few advantages. First, German diplomas are easier to understand than foreign ones. Second, international students will be already familiar with German culture and will have basic German-language skills. However, employment of international student after graduation poorly matches with their gained education....

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