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Immigration Experience Essay

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My name is. It is the year 1901, and I have decided to create this journal as a guide to my experience that I will soon be seeking to better my family and my life. We have decided to embark on a new life in the United States. I have received letters from my relatives, describing the extreme happiness that they have found since migrated to the land of freedom.
January 1, 1901:
We are experiencing severe economic hardships here in Poland. I am a land owner and farmer. Unfortunately, the political movements here and the increasing pressures have caused me make the decision to move to the United States. Here in Poland, we are considered to be among the poorest class and even though ...view middle of the document...

January 25, 1901:
We have everything that we can take in our luggage. We are taking all that we can, but we are each limited to two pieces of luggage each. The business man said that it was to help conserve space. We board the ship tomorrow.
January 26, 1901:
Today is the day our new adventure begins.
January 27, 1901:
We set sail yesterday bound for the United States. I am confused because they said we would have plenty of room …
January 29, 1901:
Apparently, the same business man who sold us space on the ship lied to many people. There is very little room, and very little to eat.
February 06, 1901:
The stench is awful. We are packed like sardines on this ship. There is barely any room to turn around. We are being given very little food. Please let this be over soon.
February 10, 1901:
My son and wife have gotten sick. I am not sure what they have gotten sick from, but it could be the food that they are feeding us.
February 12, 1901:
My son and wife seen to be feeling a little better; I am continuing to pray for their health and for this trip to be over soon.
February 25, 1901:
They told us that we were getting close to the United States. They said that we would be arriving at a place called Ellis Island, where we would go through a screening process.
March 05, 1901:
We have arrived at Ellis Island. We will be getting off the ship soon. I will be glad to get some good food and be able to move.
March 06, 1901:
We are trying to find us a place to stay after getting to Ellis Island. Once we arrived, I was separated from my wife and children. We had to get examined by doctors for some reason. I saw a couple of people being sent back onto the ship. Thankfully, we all got cleared. After a few hours, we were standing in the streets wondering where to go.
March 07, 1901:
There are not many friendly people here. We tried to find food, but the Americans do not seem to like us very much right now. I think it is because we are new to the...

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