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Immigration Benefits And Concerns Essay

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Immigration Benefits and Concerns
September 4, 2011

Immigration in the United States
Today people are wondering why the government is allowing immigrants to come to the United States when there are not enough jobs for the citizens currently here. Even though immigration can take jobs away from potential citizens, immigration can bring needed talent to the United States and can better a person’s life. Currently with immigration there is a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment, and lack of major immigration reform. Some immigrants are asylum seekers, while others are looking for a better life. There are benefits to immigration such as population growth and diversity.

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The first main category is for people that excel in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletic areas. The second main category is for professors and researchers. The third main category is for the United States government to recruit through as long as they are of a national interest. The main problem for this aging system is that the international competition for the same people has risen. Countries are starting to offer better and easier systems to get immigrants while the United States’ system stays the same. In 1990, at the time when IMMACT90 was passed, the United States was the primary leader in the world. IMMACT90 allowed the employment based immigrants to go from 56,000 entries per year to 140,000. Another way to attract potential citizens is with the National Interest Waiver (NIW). With the NIW immigrants can get the EB-2 status as long as they have an advance degree or exceptional ability. Getting into the United States using the NIW proved to be difficult because the rules for it were left vague intentionally. Comprehensive immigration reform is needed if America is to attract new talent in the current economic climate.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) is constantly talked about but nothing is really done about it. Without CIR, the lawmakers need to pass an updated immigration law to bring immigration policy current. A suggestion would be to develop a point based system that would speed up the process for gaining permanent residency status in the United States. A point based system could benefit many immigrants coming to the United States. By using a point system you can have a clear goal in bringing much needed talent. Additionally the point system could ensure that highly qualified people come here instead of other countries. This will also restore faith in the immigration system (Gafner & Yale-Loehr, 2010). Factors in the 2007 debate were similar like experience, education, English language proficiency, and family currently living in the United States. Currently the five main factors that are being debated for a point system are education, age, English proficiency, work experience, and the arrangement for employment.

Another option that has been discussed recently several times is called the DREAM Act. This piece of legislation is called the Development, Relief and Education for Minors Act (DREAM Act). The DREAM Act was drafted by a few politicians to allow minors that are here in the United States illegally to have a pathway to citizenship. According to the Whitehouse, the DREAM Act will greatly benefit the United States whenever it is passed. The DREAM Act would allow potential citizens to join the military as an option or would allow an illegal immigrant to obtain a two year degree from a college. The DREAM Act would also have some economic benefits. One major benefit would be the reduction of the cost to deport illegal immigrants. The DREAM Act would also allow the immigration...

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