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Immigration: A Proposal To Solve Its Problems

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Immigration: A Proposal to Solve Its ProblemsImmigration has been a convoluted issue from our country's beginnings. Early on, pilgrims sought economic, political, and religious refuge through the saving grace of immigration. Immigrants such as John Fisher wrote home saying "is not this a land in which one may be proud to be received as a citizen?...Is this not a land in which one may be happy to fix one's destany?" (Fuchs, 24). As time progressed, this dream became the calling card of the United States. Tragically, as with all things, too much of a good thing soon tarnished this image and new conflicts arose. Many people found the process of immigration to be too tedious and neglected the ...view middle of the document...

In a culture of instant gratification, today's U.S. citizenship process is too short. As of October 2001, USCIS reported that it takes, on average, between 6 and 9 months to become naturalized. (Source 2) This attitude has lead to discontent towards the meaning of citizenship. In turn, immigration is rising out of control. Most immigrants here illegally, 6 out of 10, enter the U.S. legally with a student, tourist, or business visa and become illegal when they stay in the United States after their visas expire. (Source 3) Allowing this to continue devalues the worth of achieving citizenship. We need to define the system more clearly and reward those that succeed in completing this path. Citizenship is the reward after proving a contribution to society.The first step to a better way of life is getting a better job that pays more. At this step, immigrant workers must be documented to dispel fears of the society. In order to ensure documentation, taxed work visas should be issued to ensure a contribution from the start. This visa should be regarded as a contract, as opposed to a work permit, that not only outlines a sponsor agreement but a timeline of approximately 4 years to establish a residence, steady income, and utility services to prove a contribution to the U.S. economy. This completes a cycle of U.S. dollars being spent within the U.S. economy. In addition, during this 4 year period the candidate must complete a U.S. citizenship education program.The U.S. citizenship education program ought to teach a strong sense of our history, of how our country was founded, and why. Understanding why our country was founded will develop a sense of pride and loyalty to the country. This would bring value to the accomplishment of achieving citizenship. Knowing then what it means to be a citizen would give understanding to the motive behind the work visa contract.One of the fears of pre-existing citizens is the loss of our English language as a primary if not solely based language. Too many immigrants resist learning to read, write, and speak our language and our country has become multi-lingual because of this. It has become a great expense on our society and is a source of a breakdown in the unity of our country. To overcome this divide, the learning and adoption of the English language ought to be included throughout the 4...

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