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Preeti Grover
ENV 1020
Prof. Zarnoch
Museum Assignment
American Museum of Natural History Field Trip

Hall of Biodiversity
1. According to the information in hall, the disruption of ecosystem adversely affects food supplies and water quality and quantity. Damage to ecosystem can cause changes in disease ecology, leading to the emergence of rare and unknown diseases or the resurgence of diseases that were previously controlled. We also lost indicators of the ability of ecosystem to support life of all kinds, including human life, finally, living in a world lacking the beauty and tranquility inherent in diverse, intact ecosystems had profound effects on out mental ...view middle of the document...

Almost half of the world’s species (plants and animals) live there. The trees are mostly hardwood.
1. Ozone depletion at the north and South poles means stronger ultraviolet rays that will harm the tundra.
2. Oil spills can kill wildlife and significantly damage tundra ecosystem.
3. Buildings and Roads put heat and pressure on the permafrost, causing it to melt.
1. Switch to alternative energy uses to minimize human-made global warming.
2. Establish protected areas and park reserves to restrict human influence.
3. Limit tourism and respect local cultures.

5. Threats to DZanga-Sangha is from commercial exploitation, illegal activities such as poaching and mining take place and also forest reserve is designed for multiple use where the pressure on the forest are intense. It also threatened by the human activities, overseas, corporation’s extracted timber and diamond, local people clear land for agriculture and use the forests for other basic needs.
According to the exhibit, in the far southwestern corner of the central African Republican (CAR) between Cameroon and the Congo Republican lies a northern extension of the Congo Basin rainforest, the DS. Also to protect the ecosystem, the CAR govt. with support from the world wildlife fund us has established the D-Ndoki National park and DS dense forest reserve. The park is sheltered against human insects, and the forest reserve is a zone where limited use of the forest and the wildlife is allowed and it has legal protection from logging and hunting.

Felix M. Warburg Hall of New York State Environment
4. The chemical formula for water is H2O that contains two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen.

5. a) as the cold winter weather continues to cool the water, its temperature drops below 30 degree, so that the colder water is now the lightest and floats upon the surface and then its upper layer freezes at 32 degree so that an ice cover is formed which protects the lake from further stirring by the wind.
b) Also as the weather becomes milder the upper water of the lake is warmed to more than 39 degree and again it becomes lighter than the colder water below

6. About 15000 years ago, in the Manhattan and the other 4 boroughs of New York city, American Indians practiced a primitive way of agriculture. Their principal crops, corns, beans and pumpkins required little or no equipment for their harvesting. The early farmers used hard tough woods for their relatively simple tools.
7. One method of soil conservation is the crop rotation in which several different crops grows in planned succession on the same field area one by another. It includes at least one soil conserving such as perennial hey. Soil conserving is important...

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