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Immigrant College Student Stress Essay

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Immigrant College Student Stress

Immigrant College Student Stress

Mario Velasquez

Teacher: Gorge Castillo

Miami Dade College


The primary purpose of this exploratory investigation was to determine disadvantages related to stress which are some of the characteristics of immigrant female college students in the Miami Dade County area. Some questions related to the theme were answered through direct interviews with immigrants and American female college students. These questions were the instrument used to find out the truth about immigrant experiences and their disadvantages ...view middle of the document...

Stress is defined as something that involves a call for reaction of the individual. That implies that if you want to make change or adjustment in your life your organism will respond with a positive or negative reaction, that reaction it is called stress. We have two different kind of stress, Eutress (positive) and Distress (negative) sometimes we all require the best point of stress to face some changes or adjustment in our life. Therefore stress is not really dreadful. Stress might be related with motivation that individual needs to face life event. (Abascal Juan, Pearson Custom pub, 2006 print p114.)
The population of immigrant students has grown rapidly and enormously, and it is projected that immigrant community will be about 25% of U.S population by 2050 (U.S. Department of Health & Human Service, 2001) Immigrant population in Universities and colleges have been rising very quickly. However, potential factors are affecting immigrant college student like: Acculturative stress, coping style as well as psychological functioning adjustment. Those factors which might be affecting the academic performance in immigrant college student were found through a special research at Miami Dade area.

We especially focused on immigrant female and American female college students born and raised in Utah, U.S.A. In order to discover the phenomenon that is affecting the academic performance of the immigrant females we designed some questions related to stress that they suffer from, which were then answered by each one of the groups. In this study we found some disadvantages that immigrant female students face in comparison with the Anglos female student. According to Immigrant college students, in the Miami area, they usually face the various sources of stress, but one of the biggest stress is acculturation stress which is produced from lack of social support that they used to receive from their parents, friends, and peers in their native country. Language barrier is another dilemma they have to experience because they have to learn English very well to do an assignment, they also have to feel confidence and involve themselves in American culture.

According to the research, Immigrant female college students suffer negative effects of stress. Sometimes stress overloads the coping resource and their skills are not adequate enough to deal with the demands placed on them for life events. Immigrants as well as American females are learning in their first year of college how to deal with master stress. Furthermore, learning coping strategies could help them to buffer the negative impact that reduces negative feelings resulting from stressful events. Both groups are trying to exercise everyday as a manner to maintain the active coping. These studies try to demonstrate that active coping strategy help to buffer the effects of acculturative stress for Immigrant College students.

Most of the immigrant female college...

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