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Immersive Multimedia Essay

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Virtual Chemistry Lab
* Formula D Interactive recently developed a Virtual Chemistry Lab, as a safe, low cost alternative to the standard chemistry laboratory in schools. The heart of the system is a so called object recognition table.
* The interactive platform consists of a 50″ High Definition rear projected screen prepped with lots of computing power. Sophisticated pattern recognition technology allows users to navigate content information by placing physical cards onto the table’s glass surface.
* The circular cards are held in 2 containers, one on each side of the table. Each card represents a specific substance or tool, just like the objects and materials you would find in a real ...view middle of the document...

Virtual surgery
* Virtual surgery refers to a virtual reality simulation of surgical procedures.
* Such simulations are used to practice often dangerous surgical procedures without the need for an actual patient. The virtual reality simulation is used as an analog for the actual surgery where doctors can practice on a virtual patient before performing the surgery.
* The advantages of this type of simulation is surgeons can practice operations multiple times without the use of cadavers or animals.
* Surgery simulation would give an objective evaluation of a surgeon dexterity combined with a more intensive training activity. It would allow the simulation of rare pathological cases and could simulate the interaction with several organs.
* Complications can be introduced during the surgery testing the user on real world scenarios. Virtually trained students may be more proficient and make fewer errors, and would thus be better prepared to assist during surgery.
Flight simulation
* used extensively in the aviation industry to train pilots and other flight crew for both civil and military aircraft. It is also used to train maintenance engineers in aircraft systems, and has applications in aircraft design and development, in aviation, and in other fields of research.
* In comparison to training in an actual aircraft,...

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