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Immersion Essay

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For this immersion project i decided to explores the transgender society. I became interested in transgenders because i started to list several people,places,and things that i was comfortable with. When i listed them I noticed that i was little uncomfortable with transgenders. My first thought when I think about transgenders are how they transformed their body from it’s natural state. I never once judge gays or Lesbians because I felt as if they couldn't control the way felt about the same sex. However I started wonder why would someone want to distort themselves and disrespect most ...view middle of the document...

At Gender-Queer Chicago I will be exploring the way transgenders interact with each other and how they express themselves as individuals.
I have biases about transgenders because I feel that their trying to be something their not and I often feel that they are misleading heterosexual men. For example, I was attending a party and their was a lady their who I thought was a born women but she in fact was a transgender . I felt she should have let us know that she was previously a man instead manipulating us. Nevertheless ,I also plan to visit the a event on central and halsted called charm school. The event is transgender women showing off their elegance. While researching transgender societies it came as a surprise when i read that most transgenders are reluctant when it comes to announcing theirselves as transgenders. I always thought that most transgenders were proud and not afraid to tell people who their are. In fact most transgenders only tell particular people. I was unaware that many people went to doctor for diagnoses(Harrell, D ). Genetic disorder are design for people feel uncomfortable in the body they was born in. After determining the disorder most people decided to pursue a genetic surgery involving removing genitals (Teich, 18). I think this immersion project will help me become more open to new ideas and people .

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