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Immanuel Kant Essay

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A.1 IdentifiCaTION DATA
B. ConcepT
B.4 architeCtURAL DESIGN
C.4 architeCtURAL DESIGN
C.1 charaCteristiCS OF THE ...view middle of the document...

000, area of 3962 m2) is in Prague 1, Nové Město, the car entry to the building is from Charvátova Street no.4/35. This is the Škoda Works office building. This building has direct connection to the ČEZ, a.s. Charvátova no.6/31 office building and the buildings are also connected in respect of their operation. The Jungmannova no.29 building is entered to the Real Estate Register as an industrial building built in 1928. Lately, an extensive reconstruction has taken place of the 1st and 2nd basement where are located elevator and ventilation mechanical rooms, a safety vault, archives, storages, and waste disposal rooms. Furthermore, the whole ground floor was reconstructed (cinema auditorium, lounges, congress hall, reception area, exhibition pavilion, canteen, kitchen, refectory, registry, and the yard area). In 1998, installation of an automatic parking system (APS) was completed concerning 36 parking lots. In the same year a complex rehabilitation was also executed of the roof (thermal insulation and copper roofing). Reconstruction of the offices has been under way step by step.

The building is a listed one due to the fact that it is located in the Prague monumental reserve protected by the UNESCO, and any intervention in to a building must approve Prague Monumental Protection Institute. The office building was designed by arch. Pavel Janák (the same as the Charvátova no.6 building).

In respect of its structure, the building is a reinforced concrete frame formed by pillars. Also the internal pillars are reinforced concrete ones as well as the yard pillars and the ceiling structure.

The layout of a typical floor is a rectangle divided in two parts by a connecting corridor. The building may be accessed from Jungmannova Street no.29 via the reception. The main elevator is placed here, too. There are three personal elevators, two service elevators, and two continuous elevators.

2 Effect of the existing building on the overall design

By re-connecting Jungmannova no.29 and Charvátova no.6 the office operation in the building will extend. This way the buildings will be logically joined together the way they were originally designed and built.

Construction and articulation of the building
A good quality frame allows flexible design of the office operation that will fully satisfy present requirements and provide possibility to divide and rent out the rooms appropriately, including using different principles of space organisation.

The same way the rooms at the ground floor may be utilized for commercial purposes. They may be easily articulated in to larger and smaller rentable units the same way as it is done in modern shopping malls.

Vertical communications

Organisation of division in to independent rentable units is adapted to the existing vertical communications that are ample in the existing building. Supported by sophisticated elevator technology and fire-resistant design, the verticals will fully satisfy personal...

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