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Img The Secret To There Global Expansion

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IMG College is the nation’s leading marketing and multimedia provider. IMG partners with some of the top institutions and conferences in the country. With over 35 years in the business, IMG College offers a variety of different services including the production and distribution of radio and television programs, broadcast talent, coaches’ shows and endorsements, managing internet sites, specialized media, printing and publishing, game day events and hospitality, corporate partner programs, and brand management. Those services can be broken down into five categories: Internet, publishing, licensing, training, and academies.
IMG College has been named to Training magazine’s 2011 list of the ...view middle of the document...

It marks the second time in three years (ISP Sports) has earned a spot on Training magazine’s top-125 list. Kelli Hillard, Senior Vice president of People Officer of IMG College said in response to being acknowledged as one of the top-125 list “Our industry is in the midst of significant change and growth. Therefore, it is imperative that we continue to evaluate and refine out development programs to put our team members in the best position to meet the challenges of competitive sports marketplace. However, our goal does not end with business development, as we also focus on assisting our team members in achieving a healthy work-life balance.” ("Imgtraining," 2010) Hillard believes its employees are their biggest assets at IMG College. IMG’s competitive spirit and dedication to excellence are trademarks towards continually learning and staying on top of industry trends while maintaining its goal of having the most highly trained sales staff in the country. This dedication does not go unnoticed, IMG attracts and retains the best people by offering competitive pay and benefits in an entrepreneurial environment that promotes having fun.
This highly trained workforce is in part responsible for IMG College becoming second largest sports licensing brand in the world. It’s trademark-licensing division; The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the oldest and largest collegiate licensing agency in the U.S. Founded in 1981, the CLC was the first organization to recognize the need for colleges and universities to protect their brands and develop licensing programs. As the leader in collegiate licensing for more than three decades, CLC now represents all NCAA Championships. The most recognized are College Football Bowl Games (including the Heisman Trophy presentation), both men and women’s NCAA Basketball Final Fours, and the College Baseball/Softball World Series. Events like these contribute to more than 80% of the $4.3 billion retail market for collegiate licensed merchandise. (NCAA, 2011) Since its integration into IMG College, CLC has utilized its considerable experience and knowledge of proper licensing practices to help colleges and universities manage their licensing programs. The directional strategy CLC pursues is best-in-class licensing by crossing a full spectrum of national, regional, and local retailers to help promote and ensure product quality and availability while maintaining brand integrity and fostering revenue growth for its collegiate partners. This strategy has created a necessary corporate culture comprised of numerous smaller businesses across sports, entertainment, and media in different regions. This external growth enables its employees to broaden their skill set, gain access to abundant career options across various specialties and discover new channels to further expand IMG’s brand.
IMG is the leading publisher of college sports publications, delivering high-quality publishing and design services nationwide. This is...

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