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Imc Strategy Essay

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IMC Strategy
Strategic Marketing MBA 6011
Tiffany Hauser
May 28, 2014
Dr. Kroeger
South University

We know how you want to get there, so get there the BEST way you know how!!!
Airways Global………… the right choice for the right price
Brand Repositioning Statement
To passengers of all ages, that need to get to their perceived destinations, by way of AirWays Global will do so in a timely, comfortable, convenient, and upgraded fashion with the introduction of more destinations, better ...view middle of the document...

Ticket Inquiry & Initial Ticket Purchase
Whether purchasing tickets on line or by phone, Airways Global will make sure that when comparing airlines that their names comes up at all times. On the internet, we will make sure that when you type in “cheap flights”, “comfortable flights”, “entertainment flights”, “best service flights”, or “safe flight”, our name pops up along with pictures of our redesigned cabins, competitive prices, WIFI, Television, safety record, polished flight attendants, modern amenities and personal use of electronics, bars, and lavish seating. Also we will make sure that navigation to our company website is easy and also desirable. Once they reach the company website, they will be able to really the changes that have been made, along with our new positioning campaign, and incentives for our frequent flyers. If getting the ticket by agency, make sure that the agency promotes the new and improved service and also use the “hold” function to promote the airline by installing a message and music about their airline.
Airport Terminal Boarding
When arriving to and before boarding the plane, we will make sure that there are posters popped up as many places as there can be so the new customer can inquire about our services for their next trip. Make sure that the ticket takers are recommending that they explore our new services and make sure that they know about them overall. There will also be monitors in the waiting area providing information on the services for all to see, including competitor passengers. If feasible, our infomercials will be available on all monitors if in agreed with the airport management. We will have brochures and Ad’s at every newsstand throughout the entire hub. All the posters, magazine ads, and brochures will...

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