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Imc Media Strategy Implementation Essay

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IMC Media Strategy Implementation

Integrated Communication Strategy
•  Integrated marketing communications (IMC): a strategic
business process that marketers use to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communication programs over time with targeted audiences. •  The important thing to understand about this concept is the need for, and benefit of consistency between components of the program.
Advertising Personal Selling

Communication Idea

•  The question: how much
should an organization spend on its integrated marketing communications program, and how do you know when it is working?
Direct Marketing Public Relations Sales ...view middle of the document...

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The Media of IMC (planned)
Television Telephone Media Mail Internet Radio Print Newspapers Newspapers &

Magazines Cinema

Out of home Outdoor

The Role of Media in IMC
  § Delivery
  § Essen&ally,

Mass vs. Niche Media
Mass Media Niche Media

Vehicles reaching “the masses” (large, diverse audiences)

Vehicles focusing on a defined group who share a characteristic

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The Marketing Communication Matrix
Mass Market
2-way communication
An interactive approach (listening & learning including informal dialogue initiated by planned messages)

Segmented/Mass Customisation With

Individual Between

Integrated mix of planned messages & interactive communication eg F2F,database, viral, WOM

Dialogue based on trust,learning & adaptation with creative outcomes eg communities of interest, internal marketing via work teams

1-way communication
Conventional mass marketing

Planned persuasive messages aimed at brand loyalty Eg positioning via advertising


Planned persuasive messages on augmented offerings for targeted markets eg loyalty programs


Ballantyne, Luxton, Powell (2004) Introduction to Marketing: A value exchange approach ed Gabbott, Pearson:381

Relative Degrees of Media Intrusiveness (Fig. 11-3)

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Ways to Minimise Media Intrusiveness
  §  Events
  §  Sponsorships
  §  Product

Media • Media
  • Audiences
  • Media

Australian Advertising Breakdown – July 2011
Media Type Metro FTA Television Regional FTA Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Digital Outdoor Cinema Other Total July 2010...

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