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Imc And Customer Satisfaction Essay

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IMC and Customer Satisfaction

MKT 500

Nu Care’s value must be viewed in two ways. First, the customer, what do we offer that they will recognize as a value? Second, the retailers, to purchase, distribute, and market Nu Care products. In order to grab the attention Nu Care’s marketing team has adopted to use Integrated Marketing Communications. With the use of IMC Nu Care will be able to choose the appropriate outlets to market their products and learn the benefits of media sources. The customer is being bombarded with propositions from other skincare companies(Promotion & Advertising Strategy, n.d.). Most are somewhat ...view middle of the document...

d.). Positioning: As previously stated Nu Care offers an unprecedented selection of women's skincare. Nu care has captured good information regarding their market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of the most prized customers. Women generally care more about their appearance than price with this in mind Nu Care will meet the customer's needs by providing an unmatched quality of skincare but still affordable. The customers will truly appreciate the quality that will allow them to easily find the perfect match for their skin. Nu Care has provided a unique atmosphere from the product to the ambience of the mini spa(Promotion & Advertising Strategy, n.d.). Nu Care focuses on strengthening the trust of their customer base, by not only providing services, but information that will aid everyone in the progression of obtaining a healthy appearance and lifestyle. The workers educate the customers about the product and what type to use on their skin. We not only carry items that help them look good, but we also help our customers maintain beautiful skin. Nu Care prides themselves as being quality for less (Advertising Strategy , n.d.). Indentifying the target market: The target market is age range 18 to 65. They are female professionals entering college or have some college. This consumer has a moderate lifestyle and is concerned about health because the effects of aging and the maintenance of a youthful appearance are a part of their life. According to Census 2012 50.8 percent of the total population are women with the median household income being $52,762. Nu skincare has initially sought customers within the US, but has increased the market to this age group globally (Advertising Strategy , n.d.). Selecting methods of communication media: print media in magazines that influence our target consumer and validate the brand such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Food & Wine, and Shape. Along with media print Nu Care uses Social media marketing (Face book, Twitter, and Blogging) Company website with e-commerce, radio and television ads. Delivering the message: First we want to inform the customer establishing a competitive edge by raising awareness of Nu Cares’s brand & products. Nu Skincare is the brand that has over 100 items in several categories along with a Youthful line tailored to those seeking anti- aging properties in more than 10 cities and two countries. The advertising and brand affordability makes it a top-of-the-mind brand. Second would be to persuade the customer to generating sales as an instant response to the products. Customers are being bombarded with claims and propositions from Skincare companies that are unknown and expensive. Nu Care will provide the consumer with simple statements of benefit and recommended use for our products. Our line will offer a new approach to treatments. Nu Care will have a menu that is designed to provide the consumer with the best skincare regimen that they can use daily (Advertising...

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