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Imagine There Are No Countries… Essay

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We are all inhabitants of the same world called ‘Earth’, which is divided into five continents. Each continent is subdivided in a number of countries. A country is a whole land, a territory of a nation. A nation is a community of people mainly of common descent, history, language, religion, governmental system, and also currency. Therefore, I believe it is impossible to imagine a world without countries.
The word ‘Imagine’ reminds me of a song written and recorded by John Lennon in early eighties. Many scholars, politicians and philosophers connected the song with communist ideology. However, I have my doubt whether John Lennon had the objective to bring communism into the world. Communism means no Prime Minister, no Queen, no Dictator and absolutely no government. Thus, people are in control and ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, a country would be self-ruling and self-determining by acting independently from other counties. However, to imagine there are no countries but one country, with one supreme government without any opposition, the nature of territorial governance and democratic government would be threatened. As a result, the chance is that the ruling system is inclined to dictatorship regime. In a dictatorial system, the principle of the citizens-vote in that country becomes neglected. At the same time, egalitarian system and the process whereby society steers itself becomes repudiated.
All persons are rational human beings and are diverse in their way of thinking, living and acting. Therefore, nothing has the authority to discourage them to refrain from enjoying their values and beliefs. In fact, human beings are innate with logical power. They can create their future, to prevent from happening accidents, which may dramatically change the world into an unpleasant place to live. Therefore, the Heads of States are responsible and expected to work together for the benefit of the humanity. They are in duty bound to struggle, to create a world of peace, where rich countries support the economy of under developed countries. Thus, the latter could have the possibility to build up their economy; the greedy handful must no longer exist.
Consequently, people will get together, without the necessity to fight from surrendering to their native country, as it may happen if there are no countries. This would, put off discrimination, inequality, oppression, and degradation between the rich and the poor countries. Everyone can act as part of the world, whatsoever their country could be. At this point, the dissimilarities between Western countries and the rest of the world could be diminished.

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