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Imaginary Friend; Is It A Problem?

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It is quite common among children to have imaginary friends, with whom they talk, play, and even fight. It is also usual parental concerns regarding this issue, and the multiple visits to pediatricians, for fear that your child is suffering from some kind of disorder that could affect her future.
Children at the age of 2 to 3 years old often begin to develop skills such as imagination, and it is at this stage when they begin to know their imaginary friends, almost establishing a parallel life to theirs. According to many experts, having unreal companions will not bring problems to our kids in their ...view middle of the document...

The parents should simply encourage the child to other activities, experts say. Sports or team activities are usually very beneficial. In the worst case, it could be necessary to search the fears or causes for which the child does not want to leave that fantastic world. This stage in the life of many children ends at 7 or 8 years old, exactly when the child has well developed the functions of language, logic and memory.
Children who don´t have siblings and who live or relate, in the first years of life most of the time with adults, are more likely to develop this fantasy world; in order to fill that lack of relationships with other children. Children that enhance their creativity from small, and form a parallel reality filled with imagination and fantasy, are more likely to engage in artistic activities in the future.
Imagination is a valuable and unique tool to each human being. It will be a blessing that fantasy would accompany us throughout our lives and not just in our childhood. Without doubts, having the imagination of a child, we could make a better world.
“Every child is a world and our world has millions of children”
As said Rushdie, S. (Date Unknown) “The...

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