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Imagery Is The Key Essay

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Brooke Bull
Professor Brewer
English 1302.007
24 September 2013
Imagery is the Key

Throughout the short story “The Blue Bouquet” by Octavio Paz, there are several different types of imagery. The descriptive detail in the story adds a design of what the scene of the village looked like in Paz’s eyes. Without descriptive detail and imagery, the short story would be hard to understand and follow. With the use of visual imagery, auditory imagery, and kinesthetic imagery, showing more detail and visual imagination, throughout the story, helps the reader see and feel exactly what Paz is feeling throughout the story.
Visual imagery is one of the factors Paz uses in his short story to ...view middle of the document...

It did not drag them in to want to read more.
Paz uses auditory imagery throughout his short story to help the readers sense and hear what he was feeling. When the little boy, “heard the dull shuffle of sandals in the hot stone” (Paz 5) the reader could feel that he began to feel scared or frightened. If Paz did not use auditory imagery the reader would not feel the fear that the little boy was feeling. When Paz says, “… and a sweet voice: Don’t move, Mister, or I’ll stick it in.” that again makes the reader feel fear for the little boy in the dark village. Auditory imagery always plays a major part in every story, short story, or poem. When the author uses auditory imagery, it makes the reader feel more involved in the story. Also it makes the reader image lifelike events that are happening throughout the story. If Paz did not use auditory imagery, the readers would not enjoy reading what they are reading because they would not feel or understand what the characters are feeling.
Paz uses kinesthetic imagery throughout his short story to help readers feel what the little boy was feeling. Kinesthetic imagery can help readers better understand the transition that happens within some stories. Most stories have different tones, and with using kinesthetic imagery, it makes the transition of the tones much easier for the readers to understand. In “The Blue Bouquet”, Pas uses kinesthetic imagery to help the reader understand the transition of peacefulness to fear in the matter of one paragraph. The...

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