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Image Vs Person Essay

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How Did You See ME?
This is an unanswered question in the majority’s mind. Answered by actions; Unanswered by Voice!
Opinions count I must confess but it seems to me that there are two (2) that matters: (1) THE CREATOR and (2) HIS OBJECT OF CREATION; YOU and ME.
If we begin to put up a front that reads “Accept me, accept me, I’m craving for acceptance…” we end up pushing away those we meant to attract. Also if we move to the end of the continuum and we read “I don’t need you, I’m all I Need” it will end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy of a lonely life with a manipulated and manipulative spirit. Balance is synonyms to Maturity and that is what we ...view middle of the document...

tc. Images of all kind, in all form of positions, at home and in school, in the Bus and on the road – IMAGES. Images major on “how” things are to be done not necessarily on “WHO” are doing ‘WHAT’. It majors on “How am I seen” not “who am I” or “am I walking in truth to my innate calling?”
Know this: Performance, cannot replace Principle – what we are inwardly overwhelms anything we may do outwardly.
The PERSON is more important than the shadow, so also the “WHO” is much more relevant than the “HOW” or “WHAT”. Listen, even though how things is done and what things are done have their places in effective ministry or productivity, nevertheless I believe that the PERSON that does the work is more important than the work that the person does. Because the belief system of the Man that does a thing inevitably determines the output that he/she produces.
Jesus died not for us to conform to His Image only but first and foremost to grow up into the fullness of His person in stature, action, knowledge and “IMAGE”. The people of Israel were destroyed for creating and worshipping an Image...

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