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Image Analysis Essay On The Torture Of A Prisoner By U.S Army Officers

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Gerson Lopez 4/20/13
Purvis English
Image Analysis Essay on the torture of a prisoner by U.S army officers
The picture shows two U.S army officers pointing a rifle at a man who appears to be, based on his complexion, Middle Eastern, perhaps Iraqi or Afghani. That prisoner has blood all over his chest, so the viewer can infer that before they pointed at him and shot him with a rifle, they took off his shirt. The viewer could also ...view middle of the document...

Personality plays an important role in torture and its psychological effects on a person. The soldiers have big jackets and have big helmets. Both of the soldiers have gloves on. One of the soldiers has a protective mask on and has a visible backpack. The two soldiers look very serious and threatening, with mean looks. The soldiers are not even looking at his head. They are looking straight down at him and one soldier is holding a rifle and aiming to shoot at him. The soldiers demonstrate that they lack remorse. The Torture appears to have affected the soldiers too; they demonstrate that they have been dehumanized.
The setting of the photo, which is a dark, abandoned, desolate, run down and burned out house, plays an important role in torture because when somebody is tortured in these places, he/she feels abandoned and feels that nobody is around to help. Encouraging feelings of loneliness and helplessness is part of torture. When somebody is isolated from his home city and tortured in an unknown world or country, then that setting adds to the psychological torture the person feels. It’s not like the helpless Iraqi or Afghan is being tortured in a nice prison. He is being jailed, probably, in a nice prison...

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