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ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills
Assignment 3: Planning and Monitoring Work

Understand how to work within organisational guidelines to achieve team goals.

1. Identify an organisational policy that can have an effect on the planning and allocation of work.

There are a number of company policies that have an effect on how a team leader plans and allocated the work to his staff. The one of them is the Attendance at work (AAW) policy. While most people will automatically think this is about sickness absence, which is a part of the AAW, it also deals with the annual leave of staff. Annual leave has controlled as we have a business to run and cannot operate below a ...view middle of the document...

, and have been concluded that it would take X man hours to complete this exam.

Understand how to plan and allocate work.

3. List the key stages when planning and allocating work.

When the team leader plans his workload for the shift allocating staff to specific exams, etc., he has to consider several key facts before, during and after the exam has been completed. He has to consider what & who to delegate this exam to and how much responsibility to assign. He needs to be clear on identifying the task, selecting the team or individual, based on ability and training, explain why and state the required results and ask for clarification of their understanding of what’s required of them.

4. Describe how work is allocated to meet team objectives.

Now with the base exam, given as an example, it’s a 40 hr exam, meaning 4 men normally as they work a 10hr shift. So at the engineering depot, we have teams that do the base exams, day in day out, so they are very highly skilled at doing this task, but the team leader still retains some responsibility, for example, result sheet, these sheets show which checking has been done, these sheets need to be filled in correct with all the relevant details as another department will use these for long term analysis. The team leader during and at the end of the shift will check for correct completion, etc. Then attach them to the base pack and scan them to the correct computer server as this is also a legal requirement.

5. Describe how to check that team members understand their allocated work.

As stated above, the exam teams are highly skilled teams, but they still understand the work allocated to them. For a team leader, the company has policies in place to measure the staff against, specific criteria called competences; these are measured against certain tasks that are usually safety critical. These tasks have a written procedure on how to do the task, step by step, listing any tooling required, safety equipment, etc. These procedures are called maintenance instructions or maintenance procedures ( MI or MP ). The team has access to these MI/MP’s. So the team leader will know whether his team members are up to date with his competences.

Understand how to monitor a team’s performance against a plan.

6. Outline a method to monitor the team’s...

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