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Illusion Of Democracy In Pakistan Essay

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Illusion of democracy in Pakistan


History of feudalism
After 1947
Repercussion of feudalism
Tribal system
Rigged elections
Poor governance
Lack of implementation of ideology of Pakistan
Lack of sense of national integration
Inconsistent Long term policies
Geopolitical location of Pakistan


Implementation of ideology of Pakistan
Process to weaken the land lords and feudal culture
Good governance in all institutions
Friendly foreign policy
Long term policies
Devolution of Power
Positive role of media and social networks
Japan democratic setup suitable for Pakistan

Illusion of democracy in Pakistan

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Feudalism is a major hurdle in the way of democratic setup. According to historian Marc Bloch, feudalism was a warrior aristocracy bound by the vassalages. The lord of Europe was a noble who held land and used to give possession to their favorite ones called vassals. These vassals started increasing their power by having their police, prison and price. Ultimately they started ruling the society and became feudal lords who controlled will of people by power. Feudalism in Pakistan is also the fruit of British feudalism. After assuming power in sub continent British government gave big lands to somewhat powerful people of Sindh, Panjab, Balochistan and khebur pakhtoon khawa. By doing this British wanted to increase its power and gain support of big families of all areas.
After 1947 when Pakistan suffered two miseries of death of two great democratic leaders Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali khan the power of Muslim league went into the hands of feudal of Pakistan. These feudal started establishing their corrupt system of governance for getting their personnel interests? When their corruption touched its dirty peak then power hungry military leaders stepped in to remove the corrupt politicians. Once they usurped power they forgot their purpose of toppling the civilian governments and started doings all wrong means to be remain in power. The corrupt dictatorship of civil and military has continues chain until recent past.

This ongoing war of power in society confused the common masses that who is the real rulers on them politicians, Beaurocrats, executives, military or land lords. These brutal dictators deteriorated the whole fabric of true democracy that cultivated seeds of communism in society. The wretched man is exploited by these corrupt Lords uncountable times that forced her to convert himself in extreme bent of political motivated Islamist groups. Who used them for the hidden political motives and ensured poor one justice in next world.

Subsequently, Pakistan system of governance never showed serious efforts to establish rule of law. Rule of law that provides security to common man and ensures accountability of all corrupt fishes. But in real the clutches of tribal informal system is free to throughout the young pregnant woman in front of hungry dogs, to break the legs of an old teacher, to gang rape a woman and moves her naked in whole village followed by uncountable and inexpressible heart breaking stories of tribal justice. But the rulers of this state not only become silent watcher of these cruelties but also give hidden support to these lords. The purpose of their backing is to get support of these lords next time in elections. Masses badly harassed by these criminalities and they restrict their free to the will of these lords and give vote as per the wish of these criminal lords.

Furthermore, rigged election is also a phenomenon to make democracy hypocrisy. Elections in Pakistan are in fact not for electing public...

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