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Illegal Immigration And Its Impact On The Economy

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Illegal immigration and its impact on the Economy
Illegal immigration can be defined as people voluntarily migrating to another country, defying the country’s immigration laws and regulation. When it comes to United States it is home to more than 12 million illegal people (DHS 2005). Illegal immigration is a source of political issue and is heavily debated on the floor. Illegal immigration is not just only a political issue it has direct relationship with the economy of the country. Labor is a prime factor for production. The high demand in labor creates a mass illegal immigration. The fact that immigration is directly related with the United States economy, whether it is for supply ...view middle of the document...

Due to US emergency act hospitals cannot refuse the treatment of medical condition regardless of citizenship; it has created a burden on the US health care system. The free emergency health care to the illegal immigrants has forced some hospitals to close down or go bankrupt. Many states have spent a lot of money for emergency Medicaid for unauthorized immigrants. Madeline Codman states in the journal of American physicians and surgeons that 80 percent of cost associated with unauthorized immigrants is with childbirth. While there is no easy fix to illegal immigration, many alternatives can be adopted to slow or completely halt the illegal immigration. The alternatives outlined below can be adopted to slow the ongoing illegal immigration.
Congress has been continuously advocating about expanding the guest worker program. Expanding the guest worker program would not only help absorb the illegal immigrants but also can decrease the incentives for illegal immigration. Among the different measures considered is increasing guest worker visa by 320,000 per year (Samuel 2005). But this should be understood that guest worker programs are temporary and the prospective immigrant has to leave the country once the temporary visa expires. They can renew their visa visiting back to respective countries. While this loop hole in the system of increasing the guest worker quota may leave many immigrants decide not to leave the country once they are admitted.
One issue where everyone agrees is about the enforcement of border. Strict enforcement at border slows the influx of migrants into the United States. This includes expanding the interior security too. Today at least 40000 illegal immigrants cross the border to enter United States (DHS 2006). This is much less than the previous year. Influx of immigrants through the border has jeopardized the security of the United States. Terrorist can easily slip through the less patrolled area of the border. The expenditure on border enforcement (about 0.1 percent of GDP) has a great benefit over the expenditure incurred by illegal immigrants using government benefits like medical care (Hanson 18). Strong...

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