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Illegal Drugs Essay

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Illegal Drugs (What should we do now?)
BorudeManoj L.
Herzing University

What is drug abuse? A habit of taking drugs which are illegal or habit of taking any drug as an addiction. Drugs invaded every aspect of our society since 1960s. Around 208 million peoples take drugs as per survey done by National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The most commonly abused drug is alcohol. Which is the reason for more drink and drive cases and teen's deaths in road accidents Marijuana is again commonly used drug. 3.9% of global population aged between 15 to 64, abuses marijuana as per Unites Nations 2008 Drug Report. Cocaine and Heroin is abused globally nowadays.
Why peoples abuse drugs?
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”—Edith (Source-
No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions.- Patrick J. Kennedy.
I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction.- Gene Tierney
Addiction is a really hard thing to kick.-Nikki Sixx

Change attitude about illegal drugs:
There are so many other better things to say yes rather than to say yes to drugs. Make bigger goals and say yes to achieve them, say yes to learn any musical instrument, say yes to develop any new hobby like painting, photography, etc.
Few points you can follow to resist drugs:
1. Keep in mind that drugs ruins life, never heals problems: One should keep in mind that abusing drugs will lead to many serious problems in his or her life. It can be anything like, homelessness, anger for anything, restlessness, prison and even death.
2. Think about your hobbies, things which are more pleasurable than drugs: Whenever someone asks you for drugs, think about the expectations your parents, friends, relatives have from you. Think of your own dreams about your career. Drugs can destroy you completely. It will lead definitely lead to unties with family, friends and relatives. So anytime someone asks you for drugs, think about your dream with your career, think about playing any musical instrument.
3. Know yourself!!! Set targets: Set your goal which are achievable, never set goals which are hard to achieve. You can simply write down your goals n tick them as u achieve them.Think...

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