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Iliad Review

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The story of the Iliad begins towards the end of the Trojan War. Chryses, a Trojan priest, is trying to get his daughter (Chryseis) back from Agamemnon. Chryses prays to Apollo, who sends a plague on Achaeans army. After nine days of plaque, Agamemnon agrees to return Chryseis and take Briseis instead. Achilles becomes angry and he and the Myrmidons would no longer fight with Agamemnon. Achilles also prays to his mother, Thetis, to ask Zeus that the Achaeans be punished. So Zeus sends a dream to Agamemnon telling him to attack Troy.
Agamemnon decides to follow his dream and the two armies approach each other. However before they meet, Paris, a Trojan prince, offers to put an end to the war ...view middle of the document...

Nestor pushes the other men to accept the challenge and nine Achaeans finally step forward. A lottery is held in Agamemnon’s helmet, and Ajax wins. Hector and Ajax begin fighting by tossing spears, but neither is successful. They then use lances, and Ajax draws first blood. The two are about to battle with swords when Zeus calls off the fight as it is getting dark. The two exchange gifts to end the duel.
That night Antenor asks Paris to give up Helen and end the war. Paris offered to return stole items but refused to give up Helen. The next day this offer was not accepted by the Achaeans who sensed that they were now desperate. However both sides did agree to a day to bury the dead. This also allowed the Achaeans time to build up their own wall as suggested by Nestor.
The following day, Zeus prohibits the Gods from interfering as the fighting continues. The Trojans force the Achaeans back to their wall but night falls before the Trojans can attack the wall. So they camp out in the field until the next morning. During that night, Agamemnon admits to his error, and sends out men to offer Briseis and other gifts to Achilles, to join in the battle. Achilles states that he would return to battle only if the Trojans reached his ships.
The next morning, the Achaeans first took heavy losses but by afternoon begin doing better. The Trojans are back to the city’s gates and Zeus sends Iris to tell Hector to stand down until Agamemnon is wounded. Agamemnon soon receives his wound from Coon after killing Coon’s brother. The injured Agamemnon leaves the field and Hector then pushes the Achaeans back again. They consider retreat, but Odysseus and Diomedes encourage them not to. Hector is then hit in the helmet with a spear from Diomedes. Paris responds by wounding Diomedes with an arrow. Odysseus and Machaon are later wounded as well. Achilles sees the injured Machaon move by in a chariot and sends Patroclus to investigate. Nestor tells Patroclus about the battle and pleads to Patroclus to convince Achilles to rejoin the battle or at least lend his armor so they could look like him to scare the Trojans.
Next the Trojans would assault the Achaean wall on foot. However just before an eagle flies over and drops a serpent. Polydamas interprets this as they should not continue, however Hector decides to proceed anyways. The Achaeans are overwhelmed and they are pushed back to the ships. Polydamas warns Hector again, but he ignores him. The god Hera then lures Zeus to sleep, allowing Poseidon to help the Achaeans, and the Trojans are driven back. When Zeus awakes he is angry at...

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