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Ikea Essay

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1. One IKEA executive says that the current global economic situation has “pushed innovation” at the company. In fact, he say, “This is a great time to be more innovative.” Explain what he means.
2. You’re an IKEA store manager, and corporate headquarters has instructed you to change the layout of your store. The change must be “dramatic,” but the details are up to you. Wanting ti make the most of the opportunity, you intend to manage the project as planned change. What steps will you take to ensure that you’ll be successful?
3. There’s an IKEA TV ad that features a discarded lamp, forsaken on a rainy night in some American city. A man looks at the camera and says in a sympathetic Swedish accent, “Many of you feel bad for this lamp,” and then, after a well-timed pause, “That’s because you’re crazy.” What’s the ...view middle of the document...

It’s pushed innovation in terms of how we drive traffic to the stores. So, it has been in many ways a good challenge for them. The current economy also allow them to try things that may have been sacred cows in the past. It really demands that they try different approaches. This is a great time to be more innovative, and to call out the things that really aren’t working.
First I would take the time to the time to think about what I would want to see when I first walk in the door and what should be displayed in the back. Eventually, I will find a wonderful traffic flow and easy to follow directions for my clients. First thing to work on is the front part of the store. I would display some of my best items in the front of the store but be cautious! If you put the most expensive item at the front door, it could easily promote shoplifting. Show the best quality you have, not necessarily the most expensive. I would purchase racks that have glass tops, or shelving across to display even more. Following these simply steps could help me to be successful with the layout of the store.
This commercial is saying to just buy new products from IKEA. He is just trying to convince people to buy only products for IKEA and letting you know that if you buy the same product in another place you will be crazy because you will definitely loose your money.
Yes, I will definitely work for an IKEA store because IKEA is so big and innovative that there should not be any typical day at work. Every day presented new challenges and goals. You have very diverse customers but they would be friendly customers as well making a positive atmosphere. Working in there would be easy to learned how to value your customers ad co-workers as well. They offer a good display of products that customers will love to buy so should not be difficult to maintain the store at a top. It will be a pleasure to work and manage an IKEA store.

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