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Ignorance Essay

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In our world today, ignorance is a fluent trait in our population. People live through their lives in an ignorant bliss because they do not take time to look into reasoning beyond a normal perspective. Ignorance doesn’t necessarily refer to one’s knowledge in an academic sense but more so is one’s understanding of our surroundings and the world. It cannot be seen with a blind eye, but when looked at on a large scale, our population’s ignorance from our entertainment, inaccurate beliefs, and media will be the downfall of our misunderstood world.

Ignorance often defines and influences our morals and social dramatic instances. We let our ego control our actions by only doing things if ...view middle of the document...

We don’t think about it usually, but many people do things such as getting drunk or getting high as a thing to do just so they can please their social crowds. Most funny things in our society have to do with someone in the situation not being in a sober mind. What this may lead to, as generations go on, the social tolerance of drug and alcohol use will slowly drop and will have a strong influence on the structure of our society. While our ignorance is strongly affected by entertainment, it is also created by our belief in our newscast.

Our ignorance also often defines our sense of reality. The news today is so strongly believed that whenever we see anything pertaining to the world on television, the internet, or newspaper, we rarely think to question it. We forget that the people that make the predictions and make the stories on the news our not geniuses, they are human beings just like everyone else doing the best work they can, but for the main purpose of a paycheck. When they can’t learn a full story on something and know that a report is needed by the next day, they will fill the report with information drawn from assumptions knowing that if it makes sense, people will believe it. With that said, our views on other countries in the world is based of our research and knowledge gained from the news,...

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